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xo, The Expressive Introvert: Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Interviews with Women Who Work, Live, & Love On Their Own Terms is an occasional interview feature here to help cultivate that bit of authentic self-expression within you we all want just a little more of.

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From Tamisha:

I believe I first “met” Mindy in Marie Forleo’s B-School program for entrepreneurs. You might recall other guests in this series I’ve met through that program also. (I’ve met MANY people through it). It’s amazing how one program that goes viral can expand your virtual network in extremely powerful ways.  Mindy is one of those connections.

I haven’t had the pleasure of working with her directly, but I can tell you from reading her blogs, seeing her around online and interacting with her that she’s hilarious, laid back, super smart, and fierce in finance. Not if, but when, I need a financial advisor, I won’t be hiring some big-wigged guru – I’ll be going to Mindy. She knows her stuff.

And guess what? She just also happens to be an introvert. Surprise, surprise.  So, in the spirit of continuing such a powerful series I have had the opportunity to start here in this community, I asked Mindy to be my March guest and sit down with us to answer some key questions around how she herself lives life in her own way and on her own terms, both in her life & in her work.

Enjoy getting to know Mindy! I know you’ll dig her style.

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Crary-Mindy-200x300Mindy Crary, MBA / CFP & Feminine, Fierce Certified Financial Planner & Advisor at Creative Money

Mindy is a lot like you and I. She’s practical, emotional, and energetic. She understands that your greatest obstacle to wealth really is you.  As a certified financial planning practitioner, she backs up everything she says around sound holistic guidance, with not just 15+ years in the big financial industry, but also with professional certifications around the coaching industry, too.

She holds a Masters in Business in addition to her resume of building and selling two businesses, and acts as a mentor, trainer and speaker to other planners and broker-dealers in her industry.  She created the first-ever regional online marketing training for brand-new advisors for one specific national firm.  She’s also helped make multiple businesses better through process improvement, systems analysis, team and leadership development.  Indeed, she’s also helped startups figure out their core offerings, their business models and how they get people in the door, virtual or otherwise.

Mindy helps both your money AND you succeed. From growing your wealth to the actual person behind it, she can help you to bridge the gap between the energetic, spiritual and practical financial services industry, but does it with a creative twist.

You can connect with Mindy on creativemoney.bizAlso find her on:

Google + | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn

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Mindy – When did you know for sure, without a doubt, you were an introvert?

I didn’t realize I was an introvert until about 10 years ago! My friends and family all assumed I was an extrovert, but when I was finally on my own, not living with anyone, was when I realized that I treasured that “recharging” time by myself. I think initially I was afraid that acknowledging I was an introvert might make me less willing to do the things I needed to do to make my business run, when in reality, when I finally “owned” it, I found MORE energy to engage in extroverted ways. [Tamisha’s Note: Oh, how I LOVE that you shared this, Mindy!]

Usually, every introvert (and extrovert) has qualities of both introversion and extroversion. What is one of your favorite extroverted qualities about yourself?

Hmm, do I have any? I used to believe for many years that since I did musicals and theater, my comfort level performing in front of a crowd was an indicator of extroversion…but now I know that it’s the fact that networking or talking to those same crowds freaks me out means I am a textbook introvert.

But I think my favorite extroverted quality is that in a client setting, I come across fairly laid back and easygoing–which puts people at ease who might be stressing out about money situations. Introverts have a tendency to be intense, and I am exactly the opposite when it comes to my work–I’m looking for light and playfulness, because that’s what most people need more of in their financial lives.

Can you share a situation or time where you would have done something differently, based on your current knowledge of introversion and yourself (in a job, your life in general, or a relationship)?

Years ago, when I was first starting my business, I couldn’t understand why I could work a full-time job, spend 3 hours at the theater rehearsing and have energy to spare, BUT…working for 12 hours straight every day in financial services to start my business, networking and connecting with lots of people was exhausting, even though the total hours didn’t come close to what I was doing while acting. Now I know that acting was basically an introverted activity, part of my recharging process because I got to be in my head. There was no way I could be extroverted all day for my job and then pile on extroverted activities in the evening like networking events. It’s not surprising that I developed hypothyroidism during that time, which is essentially an energy disorder. [Tamisha’s Note: This is an interesting perspective, Mindy. I too, have hypothyroidism – I was diagnosed just last year.]

Do you have a favorite celebrity who is also an introvert? Why is he/she your favorite?

Hmm, I can’t think of anyone specifically, but I know that many of the actors I admire are introverts. I met Vanessa Redgrave once and was sort of shocked at just how introverted she was. She was at the event for her charity but was completely uncomfortable talking to people! And some friends and I met Martin Sheen when he was filming a movie in Portland, and when my friend called out his name, he sort of ducked his head, but then turned around to shake our hands. Some people might have interpreted that as “Oh, it’s such a drag being famous sometimes,” but really, I could see he was shifting to his extroverted persona when he hadn’t been expecting to be seen!

How has being introverted affected your relationships over time? (Friendships, romantic relationships, etc.)

My extroverted boyfriends got irritated with me for not wanting to be as social as they wanted to be! Because I do things for my business as an extroverted persona, sometimes they confuse that with me as a person and wonder why I am happy lying on my couch watch 10 hours straight of Game of Thrones. I also think that, as an introvert, it takes me a long time to consider someone a real friend. And because I’m a GREAT listener, I tend to know new friends better than they know me–which sort of reinforces that idea that they’re not “real” friends because they don’t know me well enough. [Tamisha’s Note: This is SO accurate, it’s SCARY about us, right?] Ultimately, I believe that if I show up as I am, the right people will stay in my life and support me, regardless of how introverted or extroverted I act on any given day.

What wisdom would you give to your younger self – either pre-introvert knowledge or before you really grew into what it meant for you?

I come from a long line of approval addicts and co-dependents who have this idea that you should change yourself to accommodate the person or environment you’re in – usually triggered by a person with an addiction of some kind. My wisdom to my younger self would be to quit worrying about being a chameleon & trying to make everybody happy and focus on pleasing yourself first.

What is your favorite (or most-used) form of self-expression?

Writing is probably now my primary form of self expression, and singing in the car is definitely a close runner up! [Tamisha’s note: Oh, we definitely need to hang out! We have this in common!]

What last bit of advice would you give to an introverted woman listening/reading this right now who might be struggling in some area of her business or job, life, or relationship because of either her introversion or her need for validation in her individuality?

I’d say that your personal modus operandi should never be used as an excuse not to do something that you really want to do. I stopped traditional networking a long time ago because I found word of mouth and referral marketing so much more effective for my business. But now, again, I am experimenting with networking because I realized I need to expand my reach to support the book I plan to publish in a year.

I can’t get over my introversion if it’s just for the purpose of being a more well-rounded person (like that ever worked on anyone!), but I will be more extroverted if I see the connection between a behavior and a goal. Breaking it down into smaller achievements until it doesn’t feel as daunting is more optimal. All goals can be scaled to your current comfort level (or just slightly outside of it).

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[Tamisha’s Final Thought]: Mindy, I’m loving your answers today, and I really appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us and talk about how you live, love, & work on your own terms within your introversion.

As a reader, do YOU have anything you want to ask Mindy or discuss with her? How do you feel your own introversion plays into how you manage your money? Mindy & I will be below, should you want to be a part of this conversation. 

As always, thank you for reading & being a part of this community. These interviews are meant to empower, educate and show you how to live more authentically as an expressive introvert in our modern society.

Talk to you soon,