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xo, The Expressive Introvert: Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Interviews with Women Who Work, Live, & Love On Their Own Terms is an occasional interview feature here to help cultivate that bit of authentic self-expression within you we all want a littlle more of.


From Tamisha:

I have to give full props to Abby Kerr of The Voice Bureau online for connecting Christian Herron & me.  After going through their Empathy Marketing experience earlier this year, I immediately reached out to Christian via Twitter to connect.

Since then, I’ve been watching her work and highly respecting how she shows up as an introvert leader online.

I know you’ll love Christian’s heart for her work, for you, and for introverted women in business & work.  I’m excited to collaborate more with Christian.  I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from us soon!

Enjoy her thoughts & perspective…it’s from the heart.

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Porfile Pic OctChristian Herron, Business & Career Success Coach & Mentor

Christian Herron teaches women how to create the business or career they love, win raving fans and earn more income through the power of their own unique story.

Her purpose is to help as many women as possible refine their story to illuminate their brilliance.

Too often the experiences that are discounted or overlooked are the exact ones that should be highlighted.

She also teaches proven business strategy and marketing techniques that can be implemented right away.

As an introvert, she has a deep affinity for helping introverted women be more successful.

Christian has over 12 years of experience in business as an HR Professional and Coaching professional.

She has mentored hundreds of people through business, career and life transitions.

She holds a Masters Degree in Management, a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certificate and is a Certified Coach, PWC.

You can connect with Christian on her website, Twitter, Facebook, or Email.


When did you know for sure, without a doubt, you were an introvert?

I believe I’ve always had this feeling of this sense of “otherness” beginning when I was a little girl. I’ve always been quieter than most. I discovered the actual label of introversion when I was in graduate school. One of my professors administered a Myers-Briggs test for the class and I came out as an INFJ. It was comforting and illuminating at the same time especially when my seemingly gregarious professor told us that she was in fact, an introvert who just happened “to do very extroverted work” via her teaching. For the first time, I understood that our personalities do not place limits on what we can do.

Usually, every introvert (and extrovert) has qualities of both introversion and extroversion. What is one of your favorite extroverted qualities about yourself?

I’m a natural leader. Overtime, I have learned that I am very comfortable taking the lead, which may sound surprising for an introvert [Tamisha’s note: Assertiveness anyone?!]. I like figuring out how things fit together and then organizing. It’s one of the qualities that helped me grow my career in the corporate world beginning as an Administrative Assistant, moving to HR Director and now as Entrepreneur.

Can you share a situation or time where you would have done something differently, based on your current knowledge of introversion and yourself (in a job, your life in general, or a relationship)?

For a long time, I struggled to find my voice. People assumed that since I was quiet they could take advantage of me or be condescending. That was the story I knew. I spent a lot of my early twenties as a bit of a doormat both personally and professionally. I wished I had known then what my true worth was and that my quietness didn’t define who I was. People often told me how smart I was, but because I had trouble speaking up, I would often criticize myself for not asserting myself.

Do you have a favorite celebrity who is also an introvert? Why is he/she your favorite?

I really like Helen Hunt [Tamisha’s note: She’s on our Introvert A-List!]. She’s tough and vulnerable all at the same time. She also strikes me as a person that has a really solid sense of her self, which is great, and something I admire. She’s a woman who definitely can hold her own.

How has being introverted affected your relationships over time? (Friendships, romantic relationships, etc.)

I have a few really close friends, which is plenty for me. These are women that I can be vulnerable with, laugh with and just be myself. I don’t need a ton of people around me to feel supported and happy. Interestingly, I’m married to an extrovert, which I think has been a good balance. We gently push each other out of our respective comfort zones to try new or different ways of doing things. It’s definitely a challenge to make room for our personalities. He’s very Southern and loves to talk. To just about everyone. I, on the other hand, don’t really have the patience to make small talk unless there is some kind of connection. We both get annoyed but we at least understand each other enough to let each other do our own thing.

What wisdom would you give to your younger self – either pre-introvert knowledge or before you really grew into what it meant for you?

If I could go back and speak to my younger self, I would tell her that she would eventually get tired and angry with allowing herself to be misunderstood and that this anger would motivate her to start speaking up and eventually unleash tremendous self-confidence. This confidence will help find your voice and create a brand new story that shows off the real you.

What is your favorite (or most-used) form of self-expression?

Writing. This is absolutely the best way I express myself. I was originally an art major in college and my favorite medium was Mixed Media Collage. This is where you take bits of paper, scraps of material, everyday items such as buttons, etc. and then arrange them into something different and beautiful. Over time, this has transferred over to my writing. I take the ordinary or seemingly insignificant bits from my clients and help them transform their stories into something new and extraordinary.

What last bit of advice would you give to an introverted woman listening/reading this right now who might be struggling in some area of her business or job, life, or relationship because of either her introversion or her need for validation in her individuality?

My advice is to take a look at the stories you have been telling yourself or listening to about who you are. It’s hard to allow yourself to really be seen. It’s really easy to hide behind a product, service, job title or degree. Trust me, there are days where I wished I sold soap instead of “me” and my services. Challenge yourself to be a little vulnerable. There’s a huge difference between being “presentable” versus “relatable”.  Being relatable is what connects & resonates. It sticks. People remember who you are and, more importantly, want to know more of you. This is how the right people and right opportunities find you.


I loved this, Christian!  Thank you for sharing your heart with us here.

Got any questions for Christian or myself about working in the corporate world, being an introverted entrepreneur, or what kind of stories you’ve been believing or listening to that maybe you’re thinking about now?  Share it with us in the comments – we’ll be there to interact, introvert style.  

Thank you SO much for reading & being a part of this beautiful community.

All kinds of Fall warmth…



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