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This is an outfit post from the summer (2014). I wasn’t actually blogging outfits back then, so I wanted to share.

Honestly, I just needed some professional photos for my blog back then, and my web color palette was totally different, so I used what I had at the time to get some pro photography goin’ on.

2 things you’ll see a lot on me: 1) Ruching on jackets with short or 3/4″ sleeves and 2) layering/color-blocking.

I like layering, don’t really like tucking in ANYTHING, and my body is an upside-down triangle in many ways, so I go for bootcut and flare jeans almost 100% of the time to balance out my figure. I’m also getting into mixing and matching colors I wouldn’t normally wear (hence, this post).

Something else you’ll notice I love in this and future posts, is rose gold. I can’t get enough!

She is a paradox. She is faithful and yet detached. She is committed and yet relaxed. She loves everyone and yet, no one. She is sociable, but also a loner. She is gentle and yet tough. She is passionate but can also be platonic. In short, she is predictable in her unpredictability.[/gdlr_quote]

Jacket: Versona

Shirt: Style & Co.

Jeans: New York & Co.

Shoes: Target (Old)

Bracelets & Watch: All Charming Charlie

Earrings: Sam Moon

Polish: L’Oreal // Orange You Jealous?


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