Y O U R   C O N F I D E N T   B R I L L I A N C E

with Tamisha Ford

As a Dallas-based conscious confidence and assertiveness mentor, I was born to see and reveal to women what they sometimes struggle to see in themselves. In this new, complimentary coaching space, I’m providing a new, fast way to re-discover your confident brilliance.

Photography by Esther Huynh

Words by Tamisha Ford



Each 60-minute call will include:

10-15 Minutes of Teaching & Inspiration


Q & A




Potential Topics Include, But Aren’t Limited To:

> Modern fashion & style tips & advice

> Advice on how to be more confident in some pressing area

> Modern marketing & business tips and secrets

> Spirituality and questions for perspective

> Questions about assertiveness in life & the modern workplace

> How to be more confident in a relationship

> Confidence in introversion

> Confidence in communication with others

…and more…



How It Works

Once you sign up, you’ll be taken to a special welcome note from me that also includes call-in information and schedule.

Each month, all you have to do is show up with your questions. Each call will be recorded and archived in our Podcast library, but in order to get live feedback & mentoring, you need to be a Modernity subscriber, so go ahead and get on the list…