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Thoughtful Floral & Interior Styling Techniques by Tamisha Ford

The Tamisha Ford floral and interior showroom is very distinct, indeed. Now open virtually to explore, the space includes almost 100 floral and vignette styles, as well as the brand’s interior styling reportoire that’s ever-growing.

Tamisha designs specifically and intuitively, for the space and the personality of each client. She matches the energy of the space with the creation of the arrangement, which is a gift she has that a street florist can't and won't be able to give you or your event. 

The floral showroom includes both fresh and faux floral styling with unique vases, floral combinations, and color pairings.

Every design is handmade from scratch with both creative and beauty appeal.

I work with residences, small & large businesses, and more. Browse the showroom and contact me for more information on styling your home, lobby, office, or other sacred space. I'd love to work with you!


As a rule of thumb, your first arrangement is on me - just mention that you visited the showroom to redeem as a first-time customer.



Floral Styling by Tamisha Ford

"I believe in the beauty of floral - in my home, at my desk, in lobbies, in restrooms, in hotel rooms. I will even go buy fresh flowers for a hotel room when I'm traveling. Fresh flowers bring beauty into your space and are scientifically proven to calm the mind and relax stress. Beautifying your space will open your mind, senses, and motivations. These are all handmade arrangements I can do for you OR I can customize a look specifically for your home or business. If you'd like me to do an arrangement for your space, contact me when you're ready. Life is beautiful, and I want to bring it into your space in a thoughtful, curated way." --Tamisha


Interior Styling - Specializing in Vignette Creation

"Vignettes are just small clusters of home decor and accents. They're something I really love to create - a small corner or space that SAYS something - "sit here, stare here, read here, put your glasses here, choose a magazine to read from this stack, etc. To me, vignettes beg you to stare and want to be near them. No two stylists are the same, so these are reflective of my own creative eye and aesthetic. Once the vignette is created, it's all about the angle of the photo to really capture what it's saying. Enjoy these spaces, and let me know if you'd like me to style your place. I love creating beautiful places for you to work, eat, or just relax." --Tamisha