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So it’s almost midnight, April 13th. I’ve been writing this post in my head for days now, so I figured I should at least START putting something down on paper. I mean, it’s not going to write itself.

I’m VERY excited to be writing this post. Because although it feels a little scary, it’s time and it’s frankly overdue.

I have personally gone through a LOT of changes in the last 10 years – my hair has changed, my outlook on life has changed, my preferences for friendship have changed, my tolerance for certain behaviors have definitely changed, coaches I watch, pay, or take advice from have changed, my personal energy has changed, my self-knowledge has increased on a level I never knew was possible AND I’m proud of, I’ve changed what I will allow into my space, my outlook and prioritizing of fitness is finally a natural part of my lifestyle….just…..a lot of changes.

And just as many things have stayed important to me and grown in their own right. My relationship with God and understanding of His mind. My desire to write and blog, share my style, bring people into my life more, and my love affair with Instagram.

A little over a month ago, I even launched this new site I spent 2 whole months developing, designing, and customizing from the ground up – from scratch. No designer, no copywriter, just me.

But what has happened in the last few months is a very big shift in my life and spirit about many things. And to be honest, I have no idea what caused the shift, but I felt it when it happened – I’ve been feeling it now for the past couple of months. I have been praying about it to put it all in perspective, and God has been very faithful to show and give me little steps so far. I’m SO freaking glad I have Him in my life. Constant clarity, even when there is none. He’s the King of understanding my paradox.

So…….I am not about to lay out a newly revised 10-year plan for you. I hope that’s not what you were hoping for. And I’m not even going to lay out a 6-month plan for you. I’m simply going to share with you what I know to be true today about the new direction I’m headed, the how, and the why.

First Things First…Personal & Life Changes

I can’t share every single detail just because there are some things I get to keep private, but I can tell you I’m making quick shifts in my inner circle of friends, who I give priority of time to, my finances, and my work philosophy.

All of those are getting immediate attention and shifting. I will no longer ignore things God has shown me about people & their motives. I will no longer ignore red flags or befriend or “inner circle-ize” people I can tell aren’t TRULY genuine or don’t support my work or goals.

I also can no longer be connected to people who are emotional vampires or need way more attention from me on the regular than I can personally give, because I’m a highly sensitive introvert who just simply cannot provide that kind of constant validation or detail to someone in friendship or connection. I’m getting way more picky AND clear on who I want to connect with in this life, basically. Less gray area between “acquaintance” and “friend” too. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I have modified my work philosophy as a result of some recent wisdom & revelation too, so I’m fully embracing my full-time work as an IT business analyst, which I enjoy so much. I’m going to embrace exactly where I’m at in life right now and that I already AM successful in my own mind and by MY definition beyond what I ever thought I would be. I absolutely LOVE my life and I already make excellent money and support myself – I’m relieving the pressure of making my business grow too fast and stepping back to actually enjoy it. Part of that is understanding and accepting that there is a different way my business is going to develop than I originally thought (don’t you love it when that happens?). I’m already getting opportunities and open doors as a result of this shift – it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing!!!! It’s completely 100% confirming my decision to go this route.

Second Things Second…Website & Content Changes

The next thing I’m SUPER excited about is God leading me to stop boxing myself in so much in my work and content, which means there will be alterations immediately in what I talk about here and how. The “how often” probably won’t change at all, although now I’m going to be “flowing” more, it’s possible I will post more often.

What Stays The Same

  • The website is definitely staying – I freaking love this site and personally built it, so it’s not going anywhere, don’t worry!
  • The e-letter I personally write twice a month (or sometimes less) will still be exactly the same – no changes there. I love my subscribers – I share more with them than I do on this website, by the way so please sign up if you want to know more.
  • All content will remain – every. single. article, outfit, podcast, etc. Nothing gets moved. Distinction Catalog remains in its entirety!
  • Coaching & styling stays for now. Right now today, I can say both of these services are staying. But honestly, I’m not sure for how long. I don’t know what the next several months will hold for me in this area. For now, The Confidence Concierge and Style Suite will remain on the site & available. If or when that changes, I’ll let you know (or you’ll notice).
  • All social media pretty much stays. I’ll be focusing & pushing out all of my content on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & my personal Facebook just like I do today. Google Plus however, will only be updated when new articles go live, because I won’t be interacting over there any longer otherwise. I’m simply not interested in the platform anymore.

What IS Changing

  • Firstly, let it be known I won’t be ceasing my discussions on confidence, consciousness or anything of the sort. But what’s happening in me right now is that I’m stifling many conversations I want to be having all under the guise of focusing on “one thing” (confidence), and I’m not going to be doing that anymore. I’ll be returning to OTHER topics I care deeply about & are sometimes more personal – talking about my introversion, my highly sensitive personality gift, my opinions on many matters in the world, relationships and in my immediate environments, and what matters to me – life beyond the topic of confidence, if you will. Those who are interested will stick around – those who aren’t won’t. I have an awareness of this reality.
  • “Modernity” has been fun and I love it and always will, but the name itself is going away. Slowly but surely, I’ll be removing it from copy on the site and graphics, etc. My website address will remain exactly the same, which is wisdom I received several years ago from one of my FAVORITE and most respectable business coaches, Marie Forleo, about choosing a name/domain for a business. I decided way back then it would always be tamishaford.com, so no matter what I ever decided to do, I would have that web domain & address. So…..today, I’m grateful for that wisdom. It has served me well, but this is why I never trademarked the “Modernity” name. Wisdom note: It sometimes serves you well to simply NOT rush things just because some business coaches or “mentors” are telling you to. Listen to your inner voice when you receive advice – you already know what to do.
  • Obviously, the bios in my Twitter, Instagram, etc. will change to reflect a new direction communicating what I’m about in TOTALITY, not just focusing on confidence.
  • A new personal confidence & boldness is being birthed. If my writing & content in the past year has been for no one else, it’s been for me. I’ve listened to my own podcasts and spiritual and personal discoveries well, and my boldness has increased recently, as a result. You will see an increase in what I am willing to discuss and how I deliver it, being more blunt and direct in doing so.
  • It’s likely since I won’t be solely focusing on confidence, that I’ll introduce new tags & topics into the Distinction Catalog
  • An increased focus on content creation and style blogging. This is to achieve some personal goals I have for 2017 that I’m not quite ready to share yet. If it bothers you or no longer resonates, I would never want to hold you here – you’re free to go.
  • I’ll obviously re-write the about page for this site to better capture what I’m about holistically.
  • I’ll be stepping more into the leadership/assertive role I know I need to be operating in, which will inevitably likely cause some disruption that I’m prepared for. I have tired of reducing who I am in some areas to accommodate others’ comfort, projections of what I “should” be teaching or doing online or what my calling is. Everyone always thinks you “should” be teaching or pursuing ALL the things you’re good at, and I disagree!! I’m not called to teach business and marketing, but I’m skilled at it because I’ve done the work to study it, so I can set a good example and because it’s enjoyable – I truly love it. That doesn’t mean that’s what I “should” be teaching or spending all of my time on. The only thing I (or YOU for that matter) should be doing are the things we’re truly passionate about we think we are designed to use to affect change. ThaT’s different than just doing something because you “can”, you’re “good at it”, or whatever. I will occasionally talk or speak on business or marketing, but in my own way. (I’ve used this as an example, so you get what I’m saying here).

Should you choose to stick around and hang with me through an exciting upcoming season of my life, I’d be delighted. I’m so excited about upcoming things I’ve been asked to be a part of (I’ll be sharing soon), and I appreciate those of you who have supported my work by showing it. I pay attention to people who show up, even in the smallest of ways, and dedicate their time to my work and what I’m trying to do in the world. Past clients, friends, subscribers, and even family members who are extremely busy have stepped up to consistently be there for me and show up when it matters to me, and for that I’m deeply grateful.

Here’s to the next chapter! Let’s do it!





Photography by Esther Huynh


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