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The Confidence Concierge is a full-service coaching service for women who would like to expand or take steps toward something, but don’t quite feel like it matters, know where to start, or even feel confident enough to begin.

We also serve women who would like a more assertive voice (minus the condescending tone), a communication plan for dealing with certain people (or that one person) in your life, and more.

A coaching track is customized for you and offers month-to-month (on retainer), 3-month, or 6-month service options.

Virtual and in-person concierge service is offered.


The Style Suite is a unique suite of services to help you start expressing yourself more through your personal style. Choose from the 4 package options offered, browse many a la carte options, and/or combine them for your very individualistic package.

It’s important to understand this isn’t me trying to make you dress like me. 🙂 You’ll take a style assessment & tell me how I can help you more organize your personal expression through how you dress and your clothes.

If you’d like to work with me in other areas of self-expression rather than clothes, that can be done in The Concierge. Pop over there to book a session. This can include understanding your dominant forms of self-expression, color palettes that best express your personality and preferences, and more.


At Modernity, we’re aware that self-esteem, self-image, assertive communication, and other elements that surround confident living require a process. You and I both know we don’t just wake up one day and feel like we’ve learned everything we need to know in our sleep.

If you’re going to land that contract with that company, kill the presentation you have to give, start your blog or business, confront bad behavior towards you, communicate you don’t like something, or stand up to the person trying to mold you into something you’re not, there needs to be a solid process that preps you for those interactions.

Our 4-step process serves individuals at all levels on the path. These situations call for an advocate – someone who will coach you through it and support you with a sensible portion of confidence too.

Everything here starts with understanding more of who YOU are and what makes you tick, because ultimately that’s what drives your confidence. The Confidence Personality Type Assessment is really more about confident energy and how & why you feel confident in certain situations. Take the assessment here.

If there’s anything I believe in, it’s energy and chemistry. This session is complimentary and gives us 30 minutes of space to chat about your assessment results and possible next steps with absolutely no pressure involved. It also helps you get a sense of if I’m the right coach for you, should you decide to stick around and be supported here. Sign up to take our assessment & you’ll receive a link to schedule.

The Confidence Concierge is a luxurious coaching service for women seriously looking for an increase in self-awareness and self-significance. Prerequisites: Heart, soul, & a Discovery Call session with Tamisha. Since we believe 80% of your total confidence is internally developed, this service is specifically created to discover & empower your inner narrative. You have 3 options to choose from.

The Style Suite is a special service that helps women who need personal style advice, guidance, and/or shopping assistance. There are multiple a la carte options and packages to choose from to help you customize your experience and feel like a new woman. You’ve done the internal discovery – now it’s time to capitalize on the confidence  you’ve developed.