Self-Expression as Storytelling: 6 Rules for Elegant Authenticity

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BohoCouture“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” –Aristotle

THIS is self-expression in its purest form. It is the elegant way we communicate outwardly what is and has happened to us inwardly. Even if it contains grit or wounds that haven’t healed yet, you and I have something to say.

In essence, everyone designing anything now – a blog, a business, a brand, a community, a dress, a collection – we’re all just telling our stories. Every movie we watch is just someone telling their story. Every book we read. Every show we watch. Every online game we play. All stories someone wanted to bring to life.

For me personally, my stories have always been found in the music I love, the books I love to read, and the childhood things I can remember.

However, there came a point in my life, right around college age when I felt and knew there was deeper work I wasn’t doing on myself. It was for that reason, I didn’t type or write for almost a decade. I felt like no one read what I wrote, liked my poetry or ignored things I had to say. I came to the realization that was coming from a victim mentality, and it was stifling my most genuine sharing.

I was going to have to get comfortable in my own skin before I could do anything that would feel pure and creative to offer in service to anyone. It took me years to figure it out, but now I want to help others do it in a LOT less time. 

As in most stories though, it’s not advised to start in the middle. If the aim of our expression and art, as Aristotle so eloquently stated, is to represent the inward significance, we first need to understand and accept that significance. In working with clients the last few years, what I’ve noticed is a disbelief that’s present in how to mold what’s in their hands and why it even matters or what sets it apart.

I know authenticity is not a word a lot of people like to use – I do recognize that. But it’s still a word. And it still matters. And nothing can be authentic or genuine without a depth of understanding for who’s behind the artistic scenery.

That said, and in the spirit of education (which we love around here), nothing is more important than learning how to authentically and elegantly tell your stories.

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Question: When it comes to somehow expressing your own thoughts, opinions, or stories, what is your #1 struggle? What’s one takeaway from today you can implement immediately to change that running tape in your head?

I hope you enjoyed this post and, as always, thank you for being here.



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