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Love enjoys knowing everything about you; desire needs mystery. Love likes to shrink the distance..., while desire is energized by it. Love is about having; desire is about wanting. An expression of longing, desire requires ongoing elusiveness. It is less concerned with where it has already been than passionate about where it can still go.
— Esther Perel


Right off the bat, I want to stretch you to think beyond sex & romantic love with these statements. Read them again and think about YOU.

Loving yourself means exploring the intimacy within yourself and learning all you can. Your desires fuel an unknowing about you; they introduce things into your thoughts and heart you aren’t sure how to accomplish or how you’ll get to. Sure, you may know a little about what you’re capable of based on past experiences, but you can’t know it in totality, because what’s in front of you is new & unexplored.

Loving yourself shrinks distance between who you thought you could be and who you are actually becoming. The desires you have are actually energized by the distance between who you are today and who you want to become.

Love is about having and holding all you can within you (to have & to hold, anyone?). Your desires are about wanting - what you’ve had, haven’t had the chance to have, or otherwise can’t have.

Desire is consistently elusive, and pulls you toward new things, new people, and new experiences. Love asks you to be present with what IS. Both are powerful, and both are needed. One isn’t better than the other.

The goal of this course then, is to give you tools & ideas to work with to help balance these ongoing & often intense states of love & acceptance of the now with the wanting in the future.

If you’re intrigued by how it feels to dig into this with your heart & mind, you’re going to love Seasons of Desire. I wrote this course in one months’ time, after facing my own realities about these paradoxes. They are personal and will be shared with all of my students inside the class.

I was aroused & seduced mentally by the idea that all the elements typically explored between lovers was actually something I could look at all on my own, and I deeply wanted to share this process with you too.

These lessons don’t have to pertain to any one single desire - I wrote it that way on purpose. I want you to have the freedom to explore the content and apply it to WHATEVER desires you’d like. The concepts are applicable to anything, and it’s a course you can revisit repeatedly, as your desires, wants, & visions change.

So let’s explore the course now

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What’s Included:

*3 weeks, 2 lessons per week on Tuesdays & Thursdays delivered via email, equaling 6 total lessons, with NO weekends.

*In-depth lessons, guidance, and my personal examples to help you connect concepts.

*Email coaching & unlimited access to Tamisha during the 3 weeks.

*Lifework. Journal or homework prompts/tools/strategies. This is THE core way to connect the concepts to your own personal life. These are repeatable over & over again, even after this class.

*Plenty of space and days to do your Lifework & catch up if you get behind.

*2 of my favorite iTunes playlists for spending time alone or to play while you do your Lifework.

*A gorgeous pdf with all 6 lessons & audios, delivered upon completion.

2 Lessons Each Week (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

week three

Lesson 5 - Spirituality & Desire

Lesson 6 - Unfulfilled Desire & Vision

week one

Lesson 1 - The Origin of Your Desires

Lesson 2 - Conflicting & Changing Desires

week two

Lesson 3 - Growth & Your Wants

Lesson 4 - Relationships & Desire