Last updated: August 22, 2018

Policies & Terms

Unless otherwise noted, all articles on this site are created solely for use of Distinction Studio and are all copyright product of Tamisha Ford. Feel free to pin, tweet, or otherwise share on social media whatever you would like, as long as credit is given back to by linking it back to the original post. Typically, by using our share buttons embedded on the page, you’ll already be doing this.

On occasion, images are used in articles that do not belong to Although I do my best to properly link to the originator, if I have posted a photo that isn’t properly linked or credited, please send me an email promptly at, so I can either give proper credit where it’s due or remove the image altogether.

**Pinterest note: A few of our photos may be pulled from Pinterest. Many of them also float around Pinterest for years, while the original creator or URL no longer exists or becomes invalid. In this scenario, the only link that can be provided to credit the photo is back to the Pinterest account where it was found originally.

Affiliates Disclosure

Tamisha Ford (me) will occasionally feature affiliate links and paid advertisements. Not all products that are linked are through an affiliate program, however. All opinions are my own and every single item that’s featured on reflects my personal style and taste. 


Any personal information that is gathered anywhere on will absolutely never be disclosed unless permission is granted by the party who shared it, which includes all emails captured on this site. Permission is always obtained in writing, per our policy, whether via email, form on the site or a Google doc. Testimonials are not “massaged”, but taken directly from verbiage shared from clients or other adherents. If any wording needs to be modified, the originator of the quote is contacted for approval before the quote is posted on the site.

Posts and Comments

Tamisha Ford reserves the right to remove any posts or comments that she deems to be vulgar, rude, dirty, or otherwise offensive without any explanation.

Gifted Items & Sponsored Posts

If a product is gifted or the post is sponsored, it will be noted within the post.

Product promotions or sponsored posts policies

Distinction Studio will endorse and/or feature your products or services in our catalog, Distinction, upon request and if the following criteria are sent:

  1. A brief synopsis of how your product or service fits with the Distinction reader
  2. A one paragraph or less description of said product or service
  3. A URL where readers can learn more about your product or service

I feature sponsored posts in the catalog selectively and therefore, the exclusivity commands higher rates. If you’d like me to sponsor a product or service, I will do so at my own discretion and no promises will be made until I sample the product or service and then payment is made. The set rate that will be offered factors in the following aspects:

  • Unique visitors per month
  • My time writing the post (assuming you desire me to write it)
  • Headline formation (assuming it’s mine to create)
  • Social Media Pushes/Posts (marketing continuity)
  • Only do a few sponsored posts per month (exclusivity)

**Please note – products are not returned to you, and may or may not be featured. I carefully curate everything my audience sees and reserve the right to decide what those items are. If your product or service doesn’t fit the aforementioned criteria, please look forward to future advertising opportunities. 

Collaborations or Partnerships

Want to collaborate with me? Please email for more information and with the specifics of your interest. 

EU VAT Rules & European Countries

Please be advised that Distinction Studio cannot provide digital goods or services to specified countries in Europe as a result of strict EU VAT rules we are unable to accommodate. For more information, please see this article in Forbes. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Refund Policy on Services

Each of my services have very different return and refund policies, all of which are made very clear on the 1) information page, 2) order page, and 3) the thank-you page for what's being purchased. We’re sure to list these policies on every page of a service’s workflow process to ensure you understand the terms of each service. Please refer to your service of interest to obtain its respective policy.