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Welcome to Distinction

FREE CLASS on Masculine & Feminine Energy

If you signed up for my free class, here are all 4 audios. My suggestion is to open each one, then right-click once it opens & download it immediately.

Introduction, Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy, Balancing the Two

Thank you for joining the Distinction family...I'm glad you're here!

I just wanted to express gratitude and say thank you for joining Distinction! 

You know, this site has been many things to many women over the past decade, and I'm proud of the growth in the women in this space. 

There is no better time to be a strong, independently-minded female operating in both masculine & feminine energy. We need more women who understand this balance, and that's my role and calling. 

Distinction is that, indeed. Because while I run my online site like a "blog", it's uniquely positioned to train and teach simultaneously through podcasts, videos, and other training and courses as well. 

Confidence development and self-expression is what we're all about here, and I can't wait to send you Confidence notes twice (or less) a month and keep you encouraged.

Thank you again for being here....