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Serenity is a 14-minute guided meditation for empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP's). Release all the emotional energy you've either purposely or accidentally attracted during the day, be encouraged someone understands your gift, and reset your sensitive balance from your day.


Lumen is a guided meditation for the introvert, loner wolf, or introspective thinker. Breathe out all the thoughts you've been holding in all day, re-charge, or play this when you get home from a gathering and need to quiet your mind and refill your energetic space. (Coming Soon)

Meditate Me is a 40-minute audio class on meditation that will help you expel assumptions keeping you from trying it, and get you started with it. 

Class Outline

1. Understand the 3 Main Reasons We Meditate

2. Cancel out any and all assumptions: 6 You Might Have

Orchid is a meditation especially designed for single women (unmarried). In this meditation, I will walk you through a series of mantras and self-promises. The more you repeat them and listen to them, the more you'll hear them during the day and begin to honor them. (Coming Soon)

3. Find What Works for You: 7 Possibilities

4. The "No-Rule" Rule + Start Noticing Your Life Triggers

5. 7 Immediate Things You'll Notice As You Cultivate Meditative Practice

6. 3 Popular Types of Meditation

7. Meditation Teachers I Love