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It wasn’t until I stumbled across your web site that I began to view myself in a different light

I am going through an “introspective” phase in my life, trying to learn my true self. As part of this process, I’m hoping to become more expressive (aka assertive) in my day-to-day life. For so long I have questioned why I felt so different and alone, even with friends and acquaintances. I knew I wasn’t “anti-social” as some would say. I do enjoy my “alone” time more because it allows me to just be myself, unapologetically. And yes, I have insecurities but I always felt it was more than that. It wasn’t until I stumbled across your web site that I began to view myself in a different light and even consider myself as being an introvert. Ultimately, I want to accept myself totally and fully.


I’m so glad there are people like you and I’m excited to learn from your wisdom

I’m so glad there are people like you and I’m excited to learn from your wisdom- thank you for doing what you do! I initially didn’t sign up to your newsletter, as I already get quite a few newsletters (!) and with the upcoming move & my business prep, I was wary of adding another… Except that night I kept thinking of your site and your name kept popping into my head, so I just knew that I had to sign up… the next day I did. It definitely makes me feel that I was meant to find my way to you!


Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself through the content on your website

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself through the content on your website. I have always considered myself an extrovert and was always puzzled with the discomfort I felt at times in situations where extroverts are at their most comfortable. As it turns out I’m more of an outgoing introvert. How’s that for complicated? I did the eval on your page upon registering with the site and found some interesting things.

The most incredible thing I learned was how neglectful I’ve been of myself in terms of the modalities where I’m dominant. I don’t know if that makes any sense but to give you a concrete scenario, I recently took up salsa dancing as a form of exercise and completely froze when I realized I was using it as a form of expression. I love to dance and don’t mind being the center of attention (outgoing) but when I realized others could see through me (self-expression) through my dancing I nearly lost it.

I guess I realized that certain things I’d boxed up over the years were coming out through my dancing and it became too overwhelming for me. Now I guess it’s time to learn to be okay with being an introvert and learning more about the ways in which I can comfortably express myself. Thanks for providing this space in which to do all this. Tall orders my friend!


I would recommend this solution to any woman

I didn’t have any hesitations about coaching. Everything was well laid out ahead of time, and I received more than I expected. The feature that I liked best about this product/service was the personalized Pinterest storyboard. I would recommend this solution to any woman who is more interested in knowing how her dominant forms of expression are playing a role in who she is at this moment in her life, and who she wants to be in the future.

Patricia Y. | Former Coaching Client

This will be my ”go to” for some as-needed confidence building for many years to come.

I was not 100% sure what the final outcome or goal would be for the price of the service…the more I read, the more I knew that I needed to learn more and in some way be involved. I had put off jumping in because of both time and finances. With two daughters in college, I wanted to be certain this was something that would benefit me to the fullest. It did!
I have read through my personalized results numerous times now, and each time I read it I understand a little more about myself and why it is important to understand who, what and where I am in my life. The process has actually sky-rocketed my confidence by allowing me to understand how far I have come in many different areas. It has also helped reset my mindset regarding my abilities and accomplishments and has caused me to be more secure with where I am today. I feel more positive, confident and clear and ready to move forward in all areas of my life.
The service was very complete and left me feeling like I received a lot more than I expected!  The best part was the outcome – learning about my strengths and how I can use them going forward. I love how much new material I received and love all the bonuses and extras!  I feel like working with Tamisha has completely accelerated my path.  This service is unique, valuable and useful – a game changer!
I am so appreciative for all the hard work and heart that Tamisha put into this. My experience was exceptional. Thank you!  This will be my ”go to” for some as-needed confidence building and even some direction for many years to come.
Deb M. | Former Coaching Client

The rewards reaped were much larger than expected

Just a huge thank you for allowing me to be part of working with you.  It felt as if our session was a years’ worth of therapy wrapped up into 90 minutes.   I have a greater sense of self. Just yesterday, I found myself impatient with my children. I quickly remembered what you told me about being in control. I asked myself what was I trying to control and quickly realized I just needed to redirect my focus. Both myself and my children thank you.
There are two things I loved most:  One – you challenged my perception of myself. And you were spot on. Two – you gave me tangible, actionable things to implement in my life that will make a difference, including a custom book list which I eagerly anticipate getting my hands on.  I’ve used some of the techniques you gave me for business conversations too, and I’ve had so much more confidence.  I decided to embrace my shyness and work through it instead of over it.  It’s going to take time, but I feel so much better. And that’s more than I had before, so thank you.
I worried about my availability to do this. I thought I wouldn’t have enough time, but the time commitment on my part was minimal. In fact, the most time I’ve spent was completing the questionnaire which took about 2 hours. That time was so beneficial, and the rewards reaped were much larger than expected.  If you are a woman and struggle with understanding yourself or how to portray your specific personality traits as an advantage or want to learn how to help others understand you, I recommend coaching with Tamisha wholeheartedly.
Taynia A. | Former Coaching Client

I’m stronger in areas than even “I” believe I am

I loved the Confident Type Assessment! It helped me to see that I am stronger in areas than even I believe I am; and upon reflection, I realized that it is quite accurate on my highest number. Thank you!

Sherilyn B

It’s such a beautiful assessment

I love this assessment! It’s such a beautiful assessment and doesn’t feel stiff like some of these often do. I didn’t read any of the other descriptions, but I definitely felt that the one’s I read fit me. I’ve even used some of the words you used in describing myself. That was cool to see.

Jess M.

Incredibly Accurate

I really liked the Confidence Types Assessment and feel like it was incredibly accurate. I also love the use of Greek terminology! I think the explanations were definitely on target. I don’t think I can pick one of the two that I am more drawn to. I think my confidence comes from a combination of the two. I really connected to the “My worlds and expressions” of each that were outlined for me. They were spot on. And the “Be careful of” section was really great too.

Megan F | Analyst & Photographer

She helped me see outside of my current situation…

As a psychologist, I highly value the process of an outside party helping with decision-making and brainstorming. Tamisha has played that role several times in my personal and business life. Through hard work and a few good laughs, Tamisha helped me to see outside of my current situation to better understand how to meet my goals. She was invaluable in the process!

Jessica M. | Psychologist

Her service was exceptional and a true game-changer!

A few years back, I was moving into the next phase of my life after coming through a couple of difficult years, and I needed direction. So much had changed for me over the years, and I was looking for a way to re-gain my confidence and reclaim my voice. I had searched for a long time before I found Tamisha and her confidence-building programs.

Looking back, I can see how her program was the turning point for me. Her personalized approach helped me recognize my strengths and how far I’d come. It helped me to get clear going forward and reset my mindset for success.

Working with Tamisha was the boost I needed to get started down my path. I have come a long way since, and I still look back when I need a reminder of how I’ve progressed. Her service was exceptional and a true game-changer! I am so grateful for the time and effort that Tamisha put into the program. Truly exceptional!

Debra M. | Coaching Client

I Felt The Trust In Her

As an author and real estate consultant working to grow my personal brand online and in my industry, I found myself struggling to find the right digital medium to showcase who I am to past, present, and future clients.

I’d been noticing many colleagues beginning to use Facebook Live to promote their worlds and businesses, and I found myself resisting yet needing to join the crowd, so as not to be left behind.

I fell back on this understanding of knowing myself to be more introverted than extroverted. I wanted to find a solution to this resistance within since I knew my business and professional growth were dependent on it. How could I dissolve this feeling of pressure within and better understand it?

A light bulb went off and I thought, “Call Tamisha!” I recall Tamisha speaking about her introverted nature and her struggle to come out of her shell for the sake of business building, and I felt the trust in her to open up about this feeling.

I knew I would find common ground with her, and she was more than willing to have the conversation. We discussed my concern and desire to find the right method to express myself online and she shared with me her experience with podcasting.

Based on our years’ long connection online, she had gotten a sense of my personality and felt podcasting was a better fit for me. The more she shared about her experience with podcasting, the more I felt the resistance within me dissipate, because her recommendation felt right for me.

I could relate to this idea of storytelling and sharing the inner workings of my mind and personal experience via a microphone rather than a camera lens. It made sense and I felt clear on my next steps. Tamisha helped me determine that I was in need of finding the medium that was most ideal and allowed for me to express myself and my business in the most natural, possible way.

I was thankful for our talk and felt the need to write this testimonial, so others may consider checking into a session with Tamisha. When the need to determine what is true for you arises, I couldn’t recommend anybody better than Modernity’s very own, Tamisha Ford. Stay tuned for my first podcast!

Cheryl C. | Real Estate Consultant

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