A Special Thank You Note

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I appreciate you coming into this space & this community.

I don’t take it lightly that you probably get lots of email, so thank you for trusting me. I only email twice a month, sometimes less. On rare occasions, it might be more.

I created this place to be a beacon of hope & confidence for modern women like you who may sometimes find yourself really frustrated with the balance of a modern society that begs your attention, while also trying to achieve an inner stillness and make a difference.

It’s an art – it’s not easy to do because of how society is designed. But if you can ever learn the art of it (none of us will ever be perfect at it), then you will notice a transformation in all of your environments.

My work is to help you balance the beauty and external with the depth and the internal.

Going so many years without honoring my own voice, my own opinions, and my own brilliance were detrimental to me, and sent me into a downward spiral of self-loathing and incredible weight gain and depression. I realized the talent I had to create beautiful spaces and how it would make me feel. I started tapping into that power, and it’s been transformational and boosted my confidence in myself.

The key to me moving into a completely different mental, spiritual and lifestyle energy was getting to know myself on a level I had never known before. Who was I, really? Why should I love her?

I knew I was supposed to feel significant and confident, yet I had no clue how I could. We can’t love someone we don’t know, and we can’t feel significant if we don’t understand what we feel significant for.

Roaming around online during this time was frustrating for me because a lot of women used the word confidence, but no one was actually helping me FEEL it or showing me HOW to feel it. I was struggling through a break-up and felt far from confident about myself. I cried a lot and wondered if I was enough for anyone in the world.

Today, I’m a Teacher and Creative Director of this site, training women in over 190 countries each week through my readership, newsletter, podcast & other media how to transform their own minds and confidence and balance their love for beauty with their need for substance.

I’m glad you’re here now, too.

Here’s to your confident power and transformation – I’ll be here with you every step of the way!