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inuitionHere’s the truth: To some extent, we all have a measure of intuition for guidance.  I believe it’s a core human trait that helps us survive.

But have you ever wondered why some people seem to have a much, much higher level of intuition or discernment?  Like they have been given this special gift to read people’s moods, sense motives, and spot a faker a mile away.We use it to know when something isn’t right, how to make a decision, and when we’re being lied to.

Many women, and especially introverted women have this gift. However, so do some men I’ve met.  And, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) you would walk in this on a daily basis at a sensitive level.

As an HSP myself, and also a believer that I have an intuitive gift, I could share story after story with you about how this gift has shown up in my life.  Some of the stories I could tell you would be so surprising they would hardly be believable to the human eye, but I have experienced them myself enough to know it is a real thing.

To-date, my gift of intuition has saved me from marrying the wrong people, staying in abusive relationships, and entering into business or professional partnerships/jobs that weren’t the best for me.  Perhaps you can relate?

My most recent intuitive test came while sitting in a Barnes & Noble bookstore.  This paints the picture of what happens when the intuitive thoughts & sirens go off like lightning in our brains.

I was sitting with someone and I just sensed the man behind me was either a) interested for whatever reason or b) had a staring problem.  As I maneuvered the books after sitting for a while, I just kept picking up on a weird vibe from him.  This had nothing to do with attraction – I had the sense he was there for a purpose, but I couldn’t figure out what.

Lo and behold, when my company got up to go to the restroom, he approached our table (sitting again) with two cards – “business” cards if you will.  He claimed to be a photographer looking for work.  I immediately felt he had lost his job and was trying to find work in a scammy way.

Truly, my intuition saw into the motive.

Some questions I had later:  Why didn’t I see him give those cards to anyone else in the entire bookstore the whole time he was there?  If he had lost his job and needed work, now wouldn’t be the time to discriminate on who you give those cards to.  Why did he wait until my friend got up to use the restroom to approach?  Why couldn’t he approach when we were both sitting there?  And, as a business owner, a red flag goes up with me when you have a business card with no website, no phone number, and you’re in a bookstore for an hour and only give your cards to two people (women).

One of the most frustrating parts of intuition is sharing these thought processes with anyone.  

You see, I immediately know that, with anyone who doesn’t get me or understand the gift, they will label it as judgment.

That’s fine & I understand how it can look to someone else.  

That said, there’s a few things I’ve learned over the past several years of watching this gift mature that help me use it like a pro.

One is to be discerning about who share your discernments with.  Don’t throw your proverbial pearls to pigs.  That’s a biblical reference, not a cut-down.  It literally means to be selective with whom you share what you observe about others – most people will not be able to handle that kind of information.  A lot of folks will see you as a flake, a person trying to “read minds” and someone who judges everyone.  Trust me when I say I’ve heard this more times than you can shake a stick at.  I finally learned I was just sharing my thoughts way too often with the wrong people.

Intuitive pros know and learn via experience, who they can share what with.  If someone isn’t mature enough to handle what you sense, you and the relationship will be the better for your silence.  

Share when you feel like it’s necessary for protection.  If someone’s in danger, now’s the time to speak up & not worry about who thinks what about it.  When you’re right, you won’t have to say much later to state the obvious.

Pray or meditate about what you sense.  Often times, things you pick up on intuitively are lessons for you to learn personally, not share with anyone.  Prayer and meditation allows you to sift through these situations later and ask the right questions – why did I see what I saw?  How do I apply it?  Why might I have been the only one who saw it or sensed it?  What is the lesson?

Use your sensitivity to navigate the relationship.  Oh, I can’t emphasize this enough.  I can’t tell you how many things I’ve picked up on with people when I’m in the room with them and it has really helped me know how to interact with that person.  It should never be the other way around – we shouldn’t ab-use the gift to mistreat or judge others – it’s there to allow you an opportunity to exhibit an immense amount of maturity, spiritual understanding, and personal growth.  Hence the reason not everyone operates at that level of sensitivity – and that’s just the way it is.  It can be argued all day, but the fact is – not everyone has this gift.

Sometimes, when you sense someone’s been through a divorce or abusive relationships, it can help you relate to them without you ever having to tell them.  Goodness, this has helped me so many times – I have kept from asking someone embarrassing questions, embarrassing myself, or jumping too deep into conversation.

It can also feel like a double bind when say, you sense a man cheats on his wife consistently, a woman cheats on her husband, or someone’s holding a secret about you.  Or what about knowing intuitively someone can’t stand you (which usually comes as a result of a high read of non-verbal body language), or the person who is a faker – nice to your face & talks really negatively about you behind your back?

Oh yes, I’ve encountered all of these lovely scenarios…it’s the double-edged sword gift (in my books).  It can be oh-so helpful and oh-so frustrating.

The one thing I want you to commit to today though, is to start approaching the gift like a pro, not an amateur.  Learn the above ways and the ways that will be shared below to perfect the gift, work it out like a muscle, and really learn to harness its power.

In the comments, I’d like you to add to this list because there is definitely more….

How would you advise someone, based on your own experience(s), to use their intuition like a pro?  How have you seen this gift show up in your daily life?  Also – what are your struggles with this gift?  How has it been frustrating or helpful for you?

I’m always SO appreciative of your thoughts and stories – please share your experiences below.


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  • July 16, 2013, 3:26 pm  Reply

    Intuition can be scary. Long ago, back in High school, I got a reputation as a psychic among my friends. Particularly after this one incident. One snowy day, we had a substitute bus driver. We also ended up being sent home early because snow was falling at around 1″ an hour. I panicked, telling my best friend I could not ride that bus home. I was so convicted, I got permission to ride home with my best friend on her bus. On the trip to her home, we passed my bus sitting at the bottom of a fairly deep dip in the road, sideways alongside a car. Later, I was able to realize, the bus driver had not seemed competent to me on the trip into school that morning. This was not largely noted by other kids, and I just had this vague uneasy feeling about him. The severe snowstorm just made it that more obvious to me to not trust this driver to get me home. No one was hurt, by the way; but I have never brushed of my intuition since.. The times that I forced those feelings aside, usually were not to my advantage. I believe all the information we collect is always with us, and thus connections are made lightning fast, too many and too much to recognize on a level of thought, but it is still coherent and logical enough to feel at least wary; and that should bear some consideration in my next actions. I rarely try to explain, because the amount of information I process is beyond a feeling, and few people really understand how all the senses are involved, not just sight, or smell, or a single observation. It is a gift, and I accept it as such. I am ok with people thinking I have esp-lol, that too, has advantages.

    • July 26, 2013, 10:36 pm

      I believe all the information we collect is always with us. Yes! This! Loved that you said that, Lisa. I agree. Thank you for sharing this story. I’m glad you’re using your gifts.

  • August 11, 2013, 12:13 am  Reply

    How would you advise someone, based on your own experience(s), to use their intuition like a pro? How have you seen this gift show up in your daily life? Also – what are your struggles with this gift? How has it been frustrating or helpful for you?

    Thought I’d give you a response since you clearly asked for one lol.
    I would tell someone to truly trust their gut in good and bad scenarios, and when you’re analyzing people, turn your mind off, listen, and observe. So much can be learned about human beings by observation, you can tell when someone is being fake or being real. It’s a shame people are so fake.

    This shows up in my daily life everyday. I really love people, I really do, but in order for me to let someone in my personal life it takes some getting used to, and getting to know them at their own pace, not yours. Which for the introvert might be time consuming, but patience is a virtue!

    struggles with the gift? I would say the harsh misjudgment I get from a lot of people, and have gotten from people my whole life. I said in one of my comments on a different blog, being 23 blonde and introverted really works to my disadvantage in modern day society

    It’s been both frustrating and helpful. It’s frustrating because I’m so misunderstood, but it’s helpful because it allows me to control my own energy and happiness. I’m so glad you have a site like this that teaches us young ones. Thank you!


    • August 13, 2013, 12:21 am

      You’re so welcome Shaelyn. Thank you for being here. Your thoughts are so valuable. 🙂

  • Debra
    September 19, 2013, 6:55 pm  Reply

    I love the key hole with the bunny rabbit. I am nearly 61 yrs. old. As a child, I experienced a near death experience which I called my keyhole experience. It changed my life to show me in thoughts and especially feelings, that there is something more to life. I am grateful throughout life for having that as it helped me survive an extremely emotionally abusive childhood. Just loved seeing your site.

    • September 23, 2013, 10:04 am

      Wow, Debra! What an awesome metaphor for this photo. Thanks for sharing!

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