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Introverted Woman

Many people don’t understand the dire need for alone time the introvert has. They don’t quite get that this is how we re-charge and stay sane. Not honoring that need could equivocate to telling an extrovert they can no longer interact with society and locking them up in a cell with no phone, no internet, and no outside interaction for hours and hours upon end, then expecting them to come out being themselves and full of life and energy – it’s not realistic.

This is how important it is that we introverts have the time we need to re-energize our spirit and our body.

My whole life, I have known something was different about me, in that I always needed alone time.  I never understood why until about a year ago, and especially after I read The Introvert’s Way by Sophia Dembling.

Contrary to public thought, not everyone understands or has heard about introversion/extroversion personalities their whole life, or known it since they were young.

And some people will try to convince us that we’re “clinging to a story” or “using it as a crutch” which I resent & completely reject.  This is not true.  To those same people, I would ask how you’re growing.  After all, aren’t you also discovering things about yourself that will help make you a better person?

That’s all we’re doing.  In knowing more about the theories and dispositions researchers like Carl Jung presented to us, we’re better able to understand our introvert personality and prepare better to handle different tasks associated with simply living life.

To the introvert, understanding their world will score you HUGE points with them.  You can have an immaculate relationship with an introvert if you just take the time to study up on it (or perhaps read any of my blog posts).  

Understanding and Taking Action

For me, the key to really living a better life has been to evaluate WHY I need the alone time.  It wasn’t enough to just say “I need alone time” anymore.

Why did I need it?  What was happening for me specifically during that time to really make me a better person, and how could I explain that to others in a way they would understand?

I discovered through my own introspection, that I needed the alone time to 1) make sure I was on path and making the most of my time, 2) able to accurately reflect on my entire day, and if I did or said anything that was out of line or misappropriated, and 3) to re-charge for my next day.

NOT doing this would leave me feeling resentful, drained, and agitated mood-wise.

I also made a tough decision to release some relationships I felt constantly drained me emotionally and spiritually. This is a decision a lot of introverts need to make.  I can’t tell you exactly how to make it – whether you need to sit down and have a conversation with that person or just create the distance organically, but you will intuitively know what’s best for you.  It really depends on the nature of the relationship.

So….taking from my story – what is ONE important reason or reasons you need your alone time that you have already identified?  If you haven’t, I encourage you to take action today in finding this out – write it down in your journal if it helps remember and honor it.

I’d love you to share below, and I’ll see you in our NEW G+ community!



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