Thoughtful, Targeted Graphic Design by Tamisha: A Note...

You're here. That tells me you're either frustrated with your lack of graphic design skills, someone else's, or you just want to create beauty SOMEWHERE online, and have no idea where to start. T to the rescue. :-)

I started designing my own graphics years ago - before Canva was a thing. I would use whatever was available - Paint, Google Picasa - whatever I could find. And they were pretty good. But once I had a better tool, my learning curve stepped up quite a bit, and people starting asking me to design for them too.

And I didn't go to some fancy design school or get a degree in it - I just have a wonderful eye for it. It's a talent I am blessed with that I want to now give back with. I get inspiration from brands that are minimal, by paying attention to different formatting in magazines (I'm obsessed), and I use my floral & home decor strength & eye to bring focus, color, and balance to the graphics I make.

I have designed suites of graphics for law firms, social media mavens, websites (my entire website, for example), and other brands/causes.

I enjoy the work I do. I take pride in quality, and it will be my goal to give you a product you'll love - where someone will WANT to buy your products & services. 

A common misconception about marketing is that it's just about a graphic with words on it. Marketing is SO much more than that. It's letting people know the work you do, why, & how all in one piece (or suite) of collateral, and doing it well. That's where I can help. I use an intuitive and factual combination approach to design something I think you'll love. 

Browse some of my work below, then see if there's a package right for you. If I don't have something available that works for you, email me at:, and I'll see what I can customize for you. Everything in my showcase is available in any customizable size you can dream up! You give me the dimensions, and I get to designing. If you don't have the dimensions, that's okay too. I work in IT and am very tech-savvy, so I will figure it out for you. 



Graphic Work Showcase

suite of graphics designed for a dallas law firm's intranet slideshow for a project


header designs & cover pages

service announcement graphic

new blog post announcement

Thoughtful design for marketing should include several key elements: 1) Gorgeous, hi-res photography, 2) A website link for the viewer to know where to go, 3) Clear directions & readable fonts, & 4) Titles of posts. I have added a special touch to include the category from the site to the post, so readers know what the general topic is about. 


podcast graphic

Podcasts are VERY popular these days - almost as much or more as having a YouTube channel. Collateral for a podcast episode announcement can be minimal, simple, yet gorgeous or classy. I like sticking to 2-3 colors and no more, so as not to take away from the topic.

You should ENJOY announcing your services & products! All marketing is is being excited about telling people what you created for them & how to go about getting it - that's it. This design embellishes the season it's for as well as beautiful fonts and colors to compliment. It also gives the place to go to sign up, which is a must for graphic services announcements.


topic card

A simple topic card for posting on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or other social media channels. The actual text/teaching/discussion would be placed on the social media channel itself, while the card is used to draw interest to the topic at-hand.



youtube thumbnail

Have you ever gone to YouTube channels and seen gorgeous cover photos with text on them vs. the ones with just a "snapshot" of some moment in time within the video?

Which ones are you more apt to want to watch?

Thumbs are necessary to create balance and cohesion across all of your YouTube videos - I can create these thumbnails for you. 

linked in cover

LinkedIn allows you to upload a cover to your profile. I can customize one with a quote or without one, using any palette or scheme you'd like.

Website Graphics - Services

A suite of graphics to market your products or services looks cohesive.