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Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford


Tamisha Ford

Photography by: Megan Weaver

Alright – it’s NO secret that I love a nice work/professional outfit! And I’m unfortunately not someone who can just bounce out to Express and “pick up” a suit. I do professional a weeee-bit different than some, including my infamous shirts I like to wear longer than my jackets. That’s just how I roll – probably not changin’ anytime soon.

And it’s also no secret that I’m tall – 5’10 to be exact. So anyone who sells tall pants that fit well wins me over. So as soon as I saw these ultra-black, long, chic, well-fitting, “she just walked into the room” slacks, mama was hittin’ the purchase button. Make no mistake that I love a good, long pant that fits in all the right places and I can wear my heels with!

Outfit Details:

White Jacket: Cato – Similar here

Cowlneck Cami: Calvin Klein (old) Similar here

Black Slacks: White House | Black Market

Shoes: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom

Crossbody Bag: Jessica Simpson (Similar here)

Necklace: The Court Bib by Courtney Kerr/Bauble Bar

Watch: Charming Charlie

Midi Ring & Cocktail Ring: Vintage

Mother’s Day Note:

As Mother’s Day is fast-approaching, I wanted to say a VERY happy Mother’s Day to my own special Mom and all of you who are also Moms! You hold such a special place in my heart.

That crossbody bag in today’s post? Yep! A gift from my Mom! How fitting. She knows me. I absolutely love this crossbody bag she bought me, and I carry it a LOT in the spring & summer! I get tons of compliments on it everywhere I go, and it’s super easy to carry all my stuff in. It doesn’t look like it, but that lil’ girl packs it in! lol…. Not to mention I can shoulder it or wear it crossbody as designed. Love, love, love it and love my Momma more!

I’m VERY blessed with a good Mom. She taught me how to budget, do a “checkbook”, keep a VERY clean house, and so much more!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there! I HONOR you.



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Some of my favorite vintage photos of us! 🙂

Happy Mother's Day

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    Love this blog and the pics!! Your writings are so inspiring!

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