Consulting with Tamisha

You can think of consulting the same you'd think about me inviting you over to my place for lunch to dish for an hour and a half about pretty much anything you need some direction or guidance on. 

You want someone to talk to who can give you pointed direction & advice who has plenty of experience in many areas. You want a listening ear yes, but you need a good dose of resourcefulness, ideas, strategy, options, and personal experiences served with it. Well, you got it!

These are the areas we can cover:


90-Minutes: $275

I only offer 90-minute sessions, since this is typically for someone who doesn't want an ongoing coaching relationship - or at least not yet. 

Consulting is more for the person looking for guidance on something specific and wants as many resources and targeted time with me as possible - my undivided attention for an hour and a half. 

How it Works

Booking is the easiest on the planet.

Just use the form below to pay for your session, accept terms, & secure your time all in one spot. 

You'll get a welcome email with my private conference line information immediately.

If you'd like to do Skype or Face Time, email me: before our session to let me know that. And if you're in the DFW area and want an in-person session, let me know that too - in-person sessions are only held on weekends

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