1. Distinct: Distinguished as not being the same; not identical; separate

2. Unquestionably exceptional or notable

3. Individual, Well-defined, Unconfused

Dear reader,

Distinction is a catalog written & curated for individualistic women not interested in necessarily thinking like everyone else, for you realize that doing so can prohibit you from being true to yourself and your genuine nature.

You know your confidence and self-esteem relies on your due diligence to explore mind & heart shifts, and you’re not afraid to go there if nothing else is working. As you learn more about what’s inside, you also want space to express it without harsh judgment or criticism. After all, you’re exploring new realms within yourself and don’t need negativity as you do.

I understand this about you, which is why I created the Distinction catalog of content. It’s unmatched and distinct in its own right, I must say. From the design to the unique article content to the depth of ideas and character, this catalog is not just another blog – far from it.

My prayer and hope is that you read some of the articles, get tips and life-changing aha moments, and your confidence is elevated beyond what you thought possible.

All my love – please know you’re significant & you matter.

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