Would You Rather Be Liked or Respected?

liked or respected?

This week, I'm doing something I don't often do.

Taking a pause.

Asking you just one profound question, because I'm genuinely curious what your thoughts are.

Would YOU rather be liked or respected?  

The woman in the photo for this week really embodies a visual of a woman who might not be sure.  She wants to step off the porch and not care whether she's liked - going for respect first, but she also finds herself clinging to her desire to be liked - she likes how it feels when others like her, but she wants to do something out of the ordinary.

So.....would you rather be liked or respected?  

For me personally, this is still often times a difficult challenge to navigate, but your answers could greatly help me with next week's post.

Looking forward to your thoughts or comments...

Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash