Wine and Rose

I kind of think this jacket is a big deal. I'm not one of those "it has to be label" gals. Because there's a LOT of gorgeous vintage, well-made clothes other places - you just gotta know your body & where to look! I found this one at Versona Accessories - I'm not hot on their accessories to be honest, but I will ran-sack me some of their clothes racks, and this jacket didn't leave my sight until it was paid for. Their stuff comes & goes pretty quickly, so I don't think you can buy it anymore, but I'll try to find one soon that's comparable for you.

(You can catch this jacket guest-appearing in our Trendy Training ad on the blog for January's training: Foundations of Assertiveness. If you're interested in this class, pop over to get more info and hear me talk about the outline.

Guess I'm revealing my shoe size today on this post. Really, these are super hard to put on and not that comfortable, but when I do wear them, I have to admit I enjoy all the compliments. Ha! SO many women approach me about these shoes. And yes, they're suede & super soft! Probably should've ordered a size up, but this was the last pair close to my size. I said "I'll make it work."

PS - don't you LOVE those little angel's wings?

It took over 10 minutes to get this shot above! I actually could NOT get them on - had to ask my photographer for help. So embarrassing! I'm glad she's a laid-back kind of gal though - we had fun. The wine (the actual wine coming up in a future post) helped!

Looks like my favorite jeans are back in play - when I tell y'all I wear these EVERYWHERE, I mean it. Super comfy.

Jacket: Versona (Similar Here)

Jeans: White House | Black Market

Shoes: Victoria's Secret (Similar Here)

Ring: Vintage

Gold Cuff: Victoria's Secret