The Surprising Connection Between Wanting More and Being Enough


T H E  S U R P R I S I N G  C O N N E C T I O N...

This week, I ask you a provocative question you've likely never been asked before.  I do this on occasion in this space, and I'd like your thoughts.


Here's what I know about us introverted women - we're pretty darn resourceful.

Hand us just a little bit of rope or give us a nudge for a new idea, innovation, or project, and we can run with it. Especiallyif creativity is a dominant expression.

However, one of the greatest struggles I see with introverted women I work with is a lack of support she has from anyone who understands how to accurately reveal her existing resourcefulness and how she can play it up to her own advantage.

How do you meet your goals & fulfill your passions & dreams using natural talents, innate skill sets, and previous experiences.

That said - I ask you now...

How have you learned or are you currently learning to make the connection between desiring more and being enough right where (and who) you are today?  

I'm veryinterested in your thoughts.  I'll talk with you below...

Photo by Sabrina May on Unsplash