The One Question We Can Ask About Our Longings...



"A strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant." (

yeah? what about em'?


For many of us, our lives have been shaped by longings - wanting something so badly & feeling like it's absolutely never going to happen. 

And many times, deep longings are really connected at the root to a bit of a drought in full self-acceptance of who we are. Sometimes we just need more of an emotional balance.

Longings can be good and bad - but often, they create an extremely LOUD negative self-talk that in turn, makes us sway with every possibility - we just wanna be centered & fixed, but damn those longings.

So question for you...

Do you think the goal should be to obtain more of the emotional balance we crave, increase our self-acceptance of ourselves and thus, let go of the longings we feel so deeply?

In other words, is letting go the goal?

I can't wait to hear your brilliance in the comments. Talk soon,

Photo by Sherry Zhu on Unsplash