The 4 Types of Vision and Why You MUST Understand Them to Have the Kind of Influence You Want


Wow - this week has been emotional for me, as so much has gone on. I have spent the last week speaking to many women, and by many I mean hundreds.

These are passionate women all with different visions for their lives & businesses, but I'm noticing are all genuinely deep down asking for one thing - know what it is?


YOU are asking for permission - in some area.  It's a thread I continue to see woven throughout the conversations I'm having.

And you, my dear, have all you need inside to accomplish and gain in life exactly what you envision for yourself and your family.

Let's get into that topic on vision, because if there's one thing I know, it's that a lot of people struggle with this area in their lives & businesses.

How do I know if I have vision, Tamisha?  How do I translate it to my family, friends, customers, and gosh...even to myself?

Well, you're gonna LOVE the answer I crafted for you today.  I'm sharing the 4 types of vision and why you MUST understand them in order to have the influence and the impact you want to make in the world.

This vision stuff ain't no joke. 

If you truly desire to create influence & leadership, you'll need to know what stage of vision you're in first.

The reason stage knowledge is paramount is because the stage you're in now isn't where you'll always be.  Knowing it prepares you for what stage is next in your journey.

Vignette #1: Salma / Envision

Meet Salma.  Salma is a woman who is questioning where she needs to go with her ideas, her wisdom, and her desires.

She knows she has something to offer, but she isn't sure how to make it happen.

Salma is in the en-visioning stage.  Meaning she needs to be evaluating herself actually doing the thing she desires to do.

If this is also you, I want you to ask yourself 2 questions:  1)  Can I see myself in the thing?  Can I see myself doing it?  2) What do you see?  What does it look like in the smallest of details?  Write down the answers to these questions.

When you're envisioning, you're getting your feet wet - feeling things out.  Why is this important?

Envisioning is very important.  It is the foundation of a solid, executable vision that has both time and heart behind it.  It's what will push you through the other stages.

Vignette #2: Kate / Division

Kate is in what we call the di-vision stage.  She is caught between two visions, which is never encouraged and never a good idea.  It can also be very frustrating.

She is remembering so much from her past that it's inhibiting her vision of the here and now.  She doesn't quite realize just yet (which, we've all been there), that she can't keep the vision of her yesterday with the vision of her now and especially, the vision of her future.

They will constantly divert because it's two visions in two different times - never meant to co-exist.

There's only room for one if Kate wants to be an influential leader. 

If you've ever worked on any type of team or done any type of team-building exercise, you know division or two visions, doesn't work.  EVER.

If you have a manager and a subordinate always giving 2 separate answers to the team, no one will be on the same page.  Chaos will ensue.

If you're a woman running a business, your team has to know what your vision is - there has to be uni-vision, meaning one, not division, or 2 + visions.

We get the word divorce from the Latin 'di' and 'vorce' meaning to turn around in different directions.  Other words remind us of division, such as divert and divide.

Kate has to push through to void out one of her visions, so one remains - the one she needs to move forward.  There must be a complete resisting of division to get to the next step and stage where Kate wants to go.

Vignette #3: Carmine / Revision

Carmine is a painter.  Her passion comes through her art.  But each time she paints, strokes, moves with the canvas, she feels something else she wants to express even more in her next painting.  As she paints one, she paints another in her mind.

This is a great example of re-visioning.  OR we like to call it revising something.  We also get the word revisit from this same root.

The re-visioning stage is where we look again - a second time, maybe a third time.  We are in the commitment stage of making something we've already made even better.  We want it to speak the right thing.

As a leader or influencer, you must be able to embrace the revisioning stage of your life or work.  

Revisioning takes flexibility, heart, attention, focus, and a deep commitment to set yourself apart each time from the last.   

Vignette #4: Rachel / Provision

Rachel is in a beautiful stage.  She has provision. She has concretely and succinctly avoided division in her own mind by not allowing other people's opinions to deflect her work.  In fact, she's been proud of that.

Rachel has also, along the way, revised her work and revised it some more.  She has remained flexible when it didn't seem like she would even get the opportunity she wanted to be featured in a national news magazine or be interviewed by Oprah.

She took immense time in the envisioning process, molding, praying, seeking, and knowing what kind of lifestyle she truly wanted.  She did the work.

Provision is a wonderful stage because it's the stage where the foundation of your vision has been prepared beforehand (hence, pro-vision).

Like Rachel, maybe you are in a place where all you have to do is step into the vision because the foundation has been prepared before you already (whether by your own efforts or with help). 

You have been on your A-game marketing and list building, so you're ready to create a killer service or product.  You've done the work to get to know your customer, so you're poised to create something beautiful for her.  You've worked many hours at the office, so it's time to collect your abundance.

You have successfully revised and avoided division on your journey to where you wanted to go, and now you're standing in front of it.  As a result of a firm foundation, what you need has been pro--vided for you.  This is provision. 

Your action step this week is to dig deep and be honest about what stage of vision you're in.  Are you envisioning something special?  Dividing between two visions?  Revising?  Or are you being provided for? 

When we don't have a clue, we are suffering from what I've heard it called as 'vision drift.'  We're not in any stage - we're just floating along, hoping something great happens in our life or our work that will mean something.

Why Vision Matters

Vision shows us someone is a leader, and leadership is influence. 

If I'm "leading" a group through the mall on a shopping trip, and I look back and no one's there, I'm just walking.  If no one is behind me, I'm not leading anyone but myself.

A 6-year-old can be a leader on the playground. 

I remember this from when I was little.  There was one girl everyone wanted to be - we loved her clothes, her hair, the way her Mom smelled - EVERYTHING about her we wanted.  She wore the best clothes and seemingly had a lot of "provision" because she dressed nice (expensive).

So we followed her around on the playground every single day at recess.  She was a leader, whether a good or bad influence (in my opinion looking back, bad).

Leadership creates followers, and as a leader, you need 2 things:

1)  To speak with clear vision and;

2) To influence people to follow that vision

Vision is important. 

So I ask you now...

What stage of vision are you in?  How are you processing it?  Do you need more support for your vision or stage, and what will you do this week to move from your current stage toward the next?

I'm listening below, and I'm here for you...

Love & gratitude.  Peace & vision,


Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash