A Very Romantic Fall & How To Wear Fall Florals

FOREST GREEN BUTTON-FRONT BLOUSE: Worthington | BURGANDY FALL FLORAL PANTSSt. John's Bay | VELVET ROSE BLUSH FLATS: The Jaris Flat by ShoeDazzle | BRONZE CLUTCH: Vintage Sam Moon (Similar Here) | BRONZE & GUNMETAL BELT: Sam Moon (Similar Here)

Let's talk about this outfit for a moment.

If I were to go shopping for you or go shopping WITH you, I'm likely going to choose at least one outfit with a mixed print. It's just what I do - I LOVE mixing prints and making a statement. And I have an eye for doing it with a touch of class without it being way too flashy. Mostof the time!

There are exceptions. I mean......remember THIS post? LOL

Mixing prints IS a bit of an art, and not all prints mix well. You just gotta know what looks good, but at the end of the day, if YOU like it, it doesn't matter what I nor anyone else thinks.

True story: I had already pulled these pants after a huge *GASP when I saw them. And I had a blush-colored top in-hand to go w/ them until I saw this green top hanging on the rack. I walked up to it with the pants and fell in love with this combination immediately. I promptly put that blush-colored top back!

I get most of my clothes online, but sometimes I love just going in JCPenney or Nordstrom or Dillard's or wherever and putting together a really different outfit for some retail therapy.

Next, I accessorize the main pieces. I think of what I have in my closet vs. what the outfit NEEDS.

Alas, the belt for this outfit was next to find.

I had originally picked a leopard-print belt from J. Crew, but I started feeling like THAT was "print-mixing-overload". So I scratched the leopard print and started searching for a belt that would work elsewhere. It was actually very difficult. Nothing was giving me what I wanted.

I ran in Sam Moon, and still wasn't impressed. The color combination of the outfit was making it hard to think of what color would work.

White was TOO bright for Autumn, Black was too dark, leopard would be print overload, silver was too shiny. I was annoyed....I kept walking around for a bit longer and finally it came to me - I needed a MUTED gray. Something gunmetal-like with accents on it. I went back to the belts section and found this belt I am wearing. In my opinion, it's the perfect color! It really brings the outfit together, and the studs and texture detailing are a very nice compliment to the prints vibe of the outfit.

The velvet flats weren't an original idea for the outfit either, but I absolutely LOVE them! I was actually searching for shoes for a different outfit when I saw them online. I thought to myself, "those MUST be worn with that mixed print outfit!" You can also wear heels with this outfit.

Fall Florals

Regarding Fall florals, you can wear them easily. Typically, they are darker than Spring florals though. The blush pink in the pants from today's post are just the right touch of romance and light color without being "summery". And the blush pink is an extremely hot color this Fall also, so it's a nice accent (and the velvet - HELLO!!!). I have burgandy heels I typically would wear with this outfit, but either one is fine - darker heels or lighter flats or vice versa. Just make sure there's enough dark to come into florals in the Fall and you'll be fine. There's really no rules.

Enjoy shopping this post, and thank you for being open to new things!



Photography by Esther Huynh

Green Blouses

Dark floral pants for Fall

Blush-toned, pink velvet flats

Bronze Clutches

Gunmetal Gray Belts