Quiet Confidence Series: The 2017 Pirelli Calendar & Un-retouched, Emotional Photos of Iconic Women

When I heard about the 2017 Annie Leibovitz Pirelli Calendar, I was immediately intrigued and stunned by the imagery found there.


And since 2017 is upon us, I wanted to make sure I shared the knowledge of this elegant, raw piece of art with you, too. Otherwise known as "The Cal 2017."

The reason I'm inserting it into the Quiet Confidence Series is because of the raw, vulnerable imagery represented by the women in the calendar as well as the intricate emotional vibe it pulls you into experiencing. Nicole Kidman, Robin Wright, Penelope Cruz, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, and Uma Thurman are a few of the actresses represented in this intricate piece of art.

I couldn't pass up sharing these images with you because it embodies what we're about here AND how Peter Lindbergh, the renowned photographer who's responsible for the photos, puts it best in his speaking about this project: "That’s the purpose of this: to say I don’t accept that image of beauty, which has been created by commercial interests, and to remind what beauty really is."


Beyond the altered depictions of beauty found in the photos, I also loved that they are in black and white - they carry such poignancy that I don't think would've been captured with color photography.

Sadly, the calendar is not distributed publicly - it's only given to Pirelli's private clients. However, some of the photos have been released for viewing.

And I have to tell you, Peter Lindbergh is ICONIC, so these photos are a huge deal. Lindbergh shot the very first Vogue cover with Anna Wintour as editor all the way back in November, 1988.

Wow - We've come a long way, baby! :-)

As you can imagine, the photos in this calendar are VERY protected with the exception of a few. But I think I found something better to help bring you into the emotional experience of this calendar and that it's not just some floozy calendar in stores.

Enjoy the making of Pirelli's Calendar, 2017.

(Suggested: Go full screen and take some time to soak up this film)

Photography by Peter Lindbergh | Source for Photos: Google