[Podcast Ep. 14]: I Am Not Your Guru, Life Stages, Lack of Commitment & Relationships


Yesterday was my birthday, so I thought "what better time to record a new podcast?"

But unlike other podcasts I've recorded in the past, I have no show notes for today, no outlines, and no real agenda. 

I am discussing some REAL topics in today's podcast, so get ready. I'm calling out some thought processes, challenging some things I've heard people say recently, and calling b.s. on some things I've heard.

You'll get my personal review of Toni Robbins' Netflix documentary, I Am Not Your Guru and hear why commitment is the #1 personal growth tool in our lives and why I think our society has a lack of it.

I'll talk about people who need to jump from relationship to relationship, numb out with surface-level things like social media, and people who have to flaunt how much money they make to validate themselves and their business.

We'll look at a good metaphor for what surface-level living looks like and how it's inauthentic.

This podcast is straight up real talk, yet respectful and compassionate. I hope you enjoy it, and at the end of the convo, I'd love to hear your perspective on any of these topics. I love hearing your personal experiences and stories! 

PS - this episode also has some language, so please wear headphones if you have littles around. :-) Sometimes that happens with me when I'm real passionate about something. :-)