[Podcast Ep. 17]: 2017, Relationships, Consistency, & Favor


While everyone else is probably watching the Cowboys game, I'm here recording a podcast for you. And while I love football, this was a priority for me today - I've had these thoughts in my spirit for days and wanted to get them out. I've been wanting to talk with you about where I've been and what I've been doing.

If you're feeling a little foggy with the start of 2017, evaluating relationships, priorities, and other things in your life for the year, you'll enjoy the fresh perspective of this episode.

I'm talking about relationships, a new paradigm for consistency, the favor of God, and more.

I don't tend to follow norms, so you'll likely hear something new you haven't heard before when you listen to these episodes. The intent is to inspire, challenge, and evoke change and reflection in our lives. If we don't take action in these things we learn together, we're just wasting time and breath. The insight is useless without the action.

In addition to the above, I'm also sharing why I've been silent on social media/Instagram for about 2 weeks and what I'm learning from these moments of silence.

Typically, this podcast will be a call-in coaching call, but we didn't have it in January, so I wanted to record something for you anyway. And if something speaks to you in this, I encourage you to share it with your best gal pal to lift her up.

Thanks so much for showing up in life & listening here, too.


Photography by Molly Moon