[Podcast Ep. 9]: How to Be Confident Letting Go (Of It All)

How to be confident

I recently spoke at a seminar on how to have a confident social media & marketing strategy, which caused me to pull out some of my favorite texts. These books actually live in my living room armoire now because I use them SO often here in my writing and in this space. One of those such books I pulled out to get a quote from was Turning Pro by former Marine, Steven Pressfield. Literally, it's one of my favorite books of all time. It's so revolutionary in its ideas in fact, that it changed the way I view my work (life's work) forever.

After I read that book, I started changing my daily disciplines toward becoming pro. It's when I started being serious about the graphics on this site, the design aesthetic, my personal style, and my personal style blogging.

I launched my brand new & improved website at the beginning of 2015 after a 2-week re-design, hired a kick-ass photographer, and got way more serious about how I was showing up online as a masterful content creator. I also got entirely more innovative in how I do things here at Modernity. I started looking outside of my industry in places outside of my own in order to create a blue ocean - one where I could swim freely, so to speak - where no one was doing what I was doing how I was doing it.

In today's episode, I'm reading you a short excerpt from Steven's book and giving you some nuggets of wisdom I've learned on the art of letting go (and what I'm still learning about what it takes).

As a caveat, turning pro is not always related to work. In fact, turning pro requires a holistic mindset to accomplish it - it's lifestyle, health, work, relationships, spiritual discipline, and more.

Areas where we can turn pro & let go:

What are some other areas you can think of where there is an opportunity to get uncomfortable for your ultimate greater good or purpose?

Leave me a comment & let me know.

So much gratitude for you listening!


Photo by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash