[Podcast Ep. 8]: Conscious Confidence, Super Soul Sessions, & Making New Friends


I'm just getting back from an amazing weekend in Los Angeles, California. I had SUCH a great time! I went alone & thoroughly enjoyed myself, made a new friend, and let my soul rest in some deep discoveries about myself.

In today's show, I'm just talking with you about a new term that was birthed in my spirit as a result of this weekend's content, why I attended Super Soul Sessions, and how to make new friends, about travel, and more.

Conscious Confidence

To me, conscious confidence is very simple - it's the act of understanding your worth & value without ego & with all humility. It's being aware of your own power and learning to move and have your being without any need for manipulation.

Super Soul Sessions

Attending Oprah's Super Soul Sessions was a choice I made for a few reasons, but the main one is that I had promised myself I would attend the next one, no matter what - so I made it happen.

There are several other reasons why this forum interested me:

  • I'm basically obsessed with consciousness and raising it
  • I liked many of the speakers who would be present
  • Working on my speaking skills and have my first seminar this weekend
  • It was in L.A. - HELLO??!!
  • Travel is a priority for 2016
  • Conscious choices are seeds we plant & sow
  • How to see yourself as an equal
  • Learning to filter and honor work that I don't agree with (playing on the edges)
  • Understand the energy required for where you want to go

On Making New Friends

Important things to remember: Be open, communicate online or network in person, don't close yourself off to new experiences, embrace travel & other cultures, follow through, stay connected.

Be respectful and open to learning about cultures, religions, spiritual ideas, and people who might not look, dress, or act like you.


Super Soul TV (online - watch full sessions)

Thank you as always, for listening!


Photography by Ming Nomchong