[Podcast Ep. 4]: The Modern Woman and Her Money - Let's Talk About It


Last night, in my truest introverted fashion, I was all snuggled up reading.

And I was reading the newest Winter edition of one of my favorite magazines, Porter Magazine. (Subscribe here) *Not an affiliate link.

For those of you who don't know, Porter is designed for the modern woman in every way - it's fashionable, beautiful fonts & colors appeal to us in every way, not to mention the real, thorough and, at times, sobering topics the magazine covers as they relate to modern women today.

The conversation is very targeted and clear for us. This is one of the biggest reasons I love it AND recommend it.

While reading yesterday evening, I came to a beautiful article titled "Do we care too much about money?" written by Dr. Peggy Drexler. Dr. Drexler is an ongoing contributor for media outlets like Huff Po and CNN and is an author herself of books that touch on the issues surrounding modern families.

In her fascinating piece in Porter for their Winter edition, she tackles this taboo subject of money so well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and thought to myself, "I need to share this, but how?" Then, I got smart & realized I could share it right here & read it to you.

Play Time: 18 Minutes, 43 Seconds

I hope you enjoyed this article today - I deeply wanted to share it with you because I want conversations like this to not be so shameful or guilt-ridden.

Admitting we want a better relationship with money doesn't degrade us, it empowers us. Conversely, without humility and the vulnerability to discuss it, it stays taboo. Un-discussed.

In the comments, I'd love you to share what topic(s) around money you liked or struck a cord with you Dr. Drexler mentioned in her article and why.

Stay warm & cozy - talk soon!


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