[Podcast Ep. 19]: Why You Can't Keep Personal Boundaries



Probably a million blog titles have talked about it, a hundred podcasters, a thousand articles. However, today's topic is one I wanted to really really bring a new perspective to in several ways.

I don't want you to get trapped in the guilt cycle because you can't seem to "obey" them. 

I don't want you to feel like you need to speak harshly with yourself or do some personal reprimanding to honor them. We're going for a more compassionate approach...

And I don't want you to think it's a discipline issue in totality. Your rebel nature only plays a small role in why you're not upholding boundaries you've set for yourself. 

I've been hearing and seeing situations lately that spurred this episode. People letting others take advantage of them, letting people do what they want when they want to or concerning you, and you not understanding how/why you can set a personal boundary only to see yourself fail miserably (in your mind's eye) to honor it.

That all feels very harsh and overwhelming. Today's episode won't - I'll give you some new perspectives on what boundaries are and how to address you andthem with a lot more compassion, stillness, and value.

Here's what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Where I've been - health updates, a new business, YouTube, etc. (just some quick personal updates!)
  • What boundaries are and AREN'T
  • Why boundaries are important
  • Why they're important overall
  • Why you can't keep them lately
  • The root of unhealthy patterns as it relates to boundary-setting - a fresh perspective
  • A little about stillness and how it lends to self-inquiry and self-awareness for healthy boundaries
  • The essential 5 questions you need to ask when you set a personal boundary and why they're needed for the process.
  • The role of self-inquiry and self-awareness in boundary honor.

(*Note: There is a small sound glitch for the first few seconds of me recording - it goes away).

Now that you've listened to the episode, I'd love to know:

What is the one thing that grips you the most about boundaries you learned here today, and how do you plan on taking ACTION on it? What's your plan?

I'm a straight-shooter, so give it to me straight!

Thank you so much for listening & watching and being here. It means a lot to have these conversations.


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