[Podcast Ep. 18]: When Women Support Each Other & When They Don’t THIS Happens


I recently had a situation happen I want to share with you about our topic today - when women support each other and when they don't. It's personal to me, and also very real. It happens every day. Really nothing I'm sharing in this episode will be new to you - just the nature of the story and the people who are involved.

We'll talk about what happens when women support each other:

  • Empowerment - feeling like "I can too"
  • Encouragement - feeling like "I'm not alone in this"
  • Endurance - feeling like "I can make it"

And we'll talk about what happens when women don't support each other:

  • Confusion - the disruption of the order of things; how & why we were created to support one another and when we don't, it feels off.
  • Discouragement - feeling like "I don't know why I thought I was good enough"
  • Giving Up - feeling like "I can't make it"

Believe it or not, having a man support you and encourage you may be wonderful, but there's a feminine power that binds women together. You nor I can deny this. It's a MUST to find your tribe and light them up with your grace and wisdom.

Enjoy today's show!

Here's 10 ways you can support another woman starting now:

  1. Leave a comment on her blog
  2. Share her Instagram photo somewhere or go for a "repost" on IG
  3. Re-tweet her and tell her thanks for it
  4. Send an email letting her know how much she blessed your life and helps you in so many ways
  5. Let her teach you something; invest in her services
  6. Ask her if she needs anything from you or needs help with anything with no strings attached or ulterior motives under your belt
  7. Tell her you're praying for her and her work and then actually do it
  8. Stop competing with her and being jealous of her; that's ruining your karma
  9. Compliment how she looks
  10. If all else fails, find something POSITIVE to say - do not patronize, provoke or purposely manipulate her in any way.

What are some other ways you can support another woman that I probably didn't list? Please leave a comment and let us know.

I'd love to hear your favorite part of this episode. :-)

With so much love & appreciation for the woman you are.


Photography by Mel Carrero