[Podcast: Ep. 15]: On Assessing People, Making Assumptions, Over-Loving & Giving, and Manipulation


Assumptions are dangerous (and passive). Assessing people can be misinformed. No one wants to be manipulated. And if the worst you or I can ever be accused of is over-loving or giving, the world would actually be a better place.

This and more I'm touching on in today's episode of The Modern Woman Podcast.

Sometimes, the best episodes and thoughts come from real personal experiences I'm directly involved in, and today's is no exception.

As a result of a current situation in my life, I thought I would touch on a few key random topics as a result. Things I think we should hold on to, never let go of, and may have to learn repeatedly before we "get" it.

I also discuss balancein this podcast (and a new way of defining it), the reward in having different types of friends with different personalities and opinions, and how to remember we never know everything there is to know about a situation.

There's a lot of encouragement in this podcast - it's my goal to empower you to not get caught up in having to think like other people want you to think, not have to be manipulated by others' opinions or outlook, and to feel confident that your level of giving or loving is a gift and doesn't need explanation or constant defense.

I'll touch on the balance between giving and loving on this level, while also not putting yourself aside. It's a powerful lesson often hard for us to learn and/or cultivate because the consistent messages we see are about "guarding", "defending", and "moving on" much more than they tend to reflect "understanding", "love", "conversation", and "patience."

**Note: (Podcast has a glitch this week - It will start, then pick back up at the 1 minute, 25 seconds mark). :-)

Thank you so much for listening today - what sticks out to you today from the episode? Make sure you share it with me in some way - I want to know.


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash