[Podcast Ep. 11]: Conscious Confidence: The Outer & Inner Woman

Women today have been exposed to an overzealous message that confidence is only born out of a bodily image and form - that "things" are what make us feel confident. Yet, they are rarely taught why that form matters or how it matters in the equation - and yes, there's an equation.


Imagine that! There's more to confidence than the body! :-)

There are 2 dimensions we walk in daily as women and are trying to learn to balance - "form" or the physicality of our bodies, and spaciousness - the inner, personal, more spiritual part.

Today's show delves into this topic & teaches you the distinction.

As it relates to our confidence specifically, there's a need to understand the


part of being a woman, and the


part of being a woman (really, just of being



What's in the doing is also what lives on the surface of our womanhood:

  • How we look
  • How we dress
  • How we present ourselves
  • How we work
  • What we own or wear

What's in the being is what lives in the depth level of conscious confidence:

The challenge is achieving some sort of balance between the two. It's especially difficult in our modern society, as women have been coached by subtle media that the surface-level "doing" part of us is all that matters.

After you listen to today's show, let me know your thoughts on the deep level vs. surface level dimensions, and where some of your struggles are or where you'd like to see improvement and understanding.

What, from this teaching today, can help you get there?

Thanks as always for reading & listening.


Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash