[Podcast Ep. 1]: Who IS the Modern Woman Anyway?


Welcome to The Modern Woman Podcast

I'm excited to start this new journey and conversation with you. Huge kudos go out to Paul Jarvis for inspiring me to start this, although I've had it in my mind for months - I just for some reason kept putting it off.

I'd love to have my own radio show, but until that happens, podcasting will definitely do! I love to talk - that's no secret. ha....

I hope you enjoy these topics and musings. I will tell you - I'm not a sugar coater, but I am compassionate. I'm sensitive, but a straight shooter, and my style is loving, yet direct. If you're comfortable with those paradoxes, stick around for the fun. If you're not comfortable with those paradoxes, you might not want to listen in.

I try to keep the show to 30 minutes each week, but often, it might go an hour. Like I said, I love to talk. You may discover that. :-)

[audio mp3="https://tamishaford.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/TheModernWoman_Ep1.mp3"][/audio]

I like the way Dictionary.com defines 'modern':

  • of or relating to present or recent time; not ancient or remote

  • characteristic of present or recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete

Today's episode builds on this definition and takes you on a bit of a journey of discovery into why I started Modernity, what being a modern woman means here to us, and the high-level characteristics this woman embodies. Oh, she is no small feat to behold - this woman is a reserved, yet very direct and purposeful powerhouse.

However, a lot of the time, she doesn't even know it.

Here are some of the ways we define the modern woman here at tamishaford.com:

  • Free-spirited - She's okay with change, spontaneity, not making plans for every second of the day, and not getting too bent out of shape when things go wrong.

  • Knows she has a purpose in the earth

  • She's at a stand still or in a transition regarding her purpose or path

  • Doesn't necessarily feel lost, but feels what's most true for her is somewhat out of reach - maybe often

  • She loves color and expression

  • She has a depth that rivals her shallower counterparts in women - people are drawn to her without her asking

  • She TOTALLY digs bohemian vibes and vintage quality in anything; clothes, pictures, furniture, color, etc.

  • She's very independent; maybe even entrepreneurial in spirit

  • She's classy and elegant

  • She generally considers herself assertive, yet struggles greatly with it in at least one area - maybe more

  • In general, she sees the world as happening for her, not to her so that she doesn't allow herself to play the victim - she's mature!

  • She likes to feel she makes good decisions for herself, but mostly for those connected to her - she believes in spiritual laws

  • She has her own personal style but knows she could learn a thing or two

  • She loves to learn new things; she has a very teachable spirit and isn't combative when people criticize her, but she could use a dose of perspective on this from time to time

  • Most of the time, she's really good with who she is, but she wants to be way more comfortable in her own skin

Are any of these (or all of them) you? If so, I'd love to hear from you today in the comments what resonated most about today's episode. Leave me a comment now, and thank you for listening!


Photography by Pamela Hanson