Orange Soda + Leopard


Outfit Deets

Orange Top: C9 Champion via Target

Leopard Print Workout Leggings: Good American

Gloves: Academy (similar here)

Running Shoes: Brooks Revel 2


Originally, I was going to pair this fantastic pair of Good American leopard print workout pants with a red Good American sweater - any bright color was going to pop.

But I’m glad I decided on this bright orange top from Champion, because we still had some fall colors where we shot! And it happened to have orange architecture, which was great.

These are some of THE most comfortable workout pants I’ve ever worn in my life! I wear them around the house!

Another trend rolling back around is tying shirts on the side. This shirt is actually long, and I didn’t like that with these pants - I felt like wearing it that way would take away from these fierce pants. So I’ve tied it on the side, and I love it!

One of the main things I always have on at the gym when I’m doing anything but cardio are my gloves. They help me grip all the weights, not slip on the mats, and they make you feel like a bad ass! LOL…..

Wear gloves to the gym - just doing that makes you work harder!

I’m also wearing my newest pair of running shoes by Brooks - the Brooks Revel 2 Running Shoe. These are SUPER COMFORTABLE for my runs on the treadmill, incline trainer, and outside.

Last, but not least, it’s important to stay hydrated before, during, & after a workout. My GO-TO H20 is Essentia, all day every day. The higher the pH in water, the more pure, and Essentia comes through. Just drink it for a week then try drinking other brands and tell me you honestly don’t notice!

You will!

Enjoy shopping this post.