No, You Don't Always Have to "BE" #Confident...You Can Do This Instead


HAVE Confidence. Just know who YOU are...

I saw something on Instagram the other day that said something to the tune of "you don't always have to be confident" and it bothered me - at first. Then, when I actually thought about it, it was true. But not true for the reason we think it is.

Confidence isn't something we always need to "be" because it's intangible. If this were true for us, it wouldn't even be human or natural. However, we can always "have" confidence. There's a difference.

The difference, if you're asking, is in the knowing.

If you and I were always "being" confident, we would never have human moments, never doubt ourselves or our decisions, never feel intimidated by life. We would always be sure and thus, never grow as people.

However, having confidence is something entirely different. It's an inner knowing that you're valuable even when you're sitting in your very first face-to-face interview with a guru. It's knowledge of your own powerwhen you get that first call from a major publication asking to quote you in their article. It's the peaceful rest in knowing who you are when someone tries to manipulate you and convince you you're someone you're not.

Confidence is a state of being, but it's not something we're always being. 

If you see this floating around the interwebs, I don't want you to be confused by it. Clarity and confidence go hand-in-hand and a confused mind says "no". I don't want you to be confused, and I definitely don't want you saying no to feeling secure about exactly what you possess on the inside of you. I took a moment to hopefully bring some clarification, and I hope it helps.

Let me know your thoughts, and I'll see you in the comments. Specifically, what are some other ways you can "have" confidence without always "being" confident I didn't list today? I'm interested in your take.

With all my respect & love,


Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash