Sit Down With Your Coffee & Make Decisions: How to Pivot With Grace



There are marked times in my life where I've felt transition happening. It's a specific group of things that happen that let you know, "oh yeah, things are changing."

I started having that 2 weeks ago when I went on a little mini vacation. I started to feel specific things about specific things. I began having thoughts in a new direction. My confidence was elevated. There was a completely different vibe that came over me and hasn't left.

I'm completely aware of what's happening - it's happened before. While some of the details are private for now, I can tell you that motion will always happen in the direction of the thing that's supposed to take root. The thing that's calling you. The thing (and people) who are on the next level of what you are searching for and need.

This is called pivoting. 

And much like the actual sport of basketball, you plant one foot firmly on the things you know, the things you're solid in, and the things you're confident with. You pivot however, on the other foot.

You can move the pivot foot in as many directions as you need to without moving the planted foot to allow you to see the entire court - who is open, who can take the pass, who is POSITIONED to accept what you have to offer. Who can contain you? Who is ready for your level of vision and commitment?

Also, why is where you are, either physically or metaphorically, no longer meeting the requirements for expansion?

In reality, pivoting is a transition move. It's a way that allows adherence to your core feelings, values, and desires while pivoting other things that allow for more autonomy and independence.

Let's pivot for a moment.....

First, your mind shifts. You'll start having thoughts about things, people, situations, and circumstances you recognize are either a) on a different level than they have been lately or b) are finally catering to your inner personal knowing. You'll begin to consider possibilities and motivations for wanting certain things. You'll question why you've compromised in certain areas. You might even "go to the mattresses" for yourSELF for once.

Boldness. Assertiveness. Power. Honor. You'll need it all.

Next, you may notice an increase in frustration levels with current situations, relationships, or commitments. Like "you know what - I'm really just magically completely OVER this situation. Let's move on." Or..... "you know.....why HAVE I been allowing you to treat me that way?

In the words of Heather Land, "Huh uh......I ain't doin' it." This is what I mean by an increase in frustration levels.

Pivoting has a way of disconnecting us from needing validation in unhealthy situations that have made us feel relevant. And it will dismantle you from needing things to be a certain way, too. You'll want to let go.

But what's actually happening is you're transitioning. You're pivoting toward a new direction, and once your mind knows this is occurring, it's like the Universe pulls everything else to that goal. There's almost no effort on your part. The wrong doors slam in your face, and the right ones open up like you're royalty.

Finally, you'll start having nudges to do things and wonder why you are doing them, but nevertheless, it will feel good, peaceful, daring, and new.

These pivots can happen with jobs, locations, relationships, business models, business strategy, self-confidence, or who your key audience is for a blog or website. 

Pivoting is not new, and it's no respecter of persons. We've all pivoted.

I'm currently pivoting in my personal life in a few areas. And it's all happening at once very quickly. Much quicker than I anticipated when I started feeling it. 

I'm loving it. I'm embracing it. I'm going with it. 

It meant a lot to me talking to my Mom and her husband earlier today about it and hearing them say, "there's nothing wrong with trying it. The worst that can happen is that you just don't like it and rewind to see what the lesson was."

Wisdom much? I needed to hear that!

Something else you will notice happen is resource increase to help you do what you're seeing. You may start getting unexpected phone calls, referrals, opportunities, ideas, and resourceful relationships specificallly showing up timely to help you pivot gracefully.

The reason for this post today is to teach you how to pivot with grace, yes. Mostly though, I wanted to encourage you to allow the process; don't try to fight it. Even if you make a mistake or pivot too fast, it'll all be worth it, because when we pivot, we take steps toward making a pass or shooting the vision where it needs to go. And in all of that, there can only be growth.

So entertain the thoughts - you don't have to own them. Just sit with them. Question them. Say hmmmm as many times as you need in order to gain clarity. Embrace the frustration you start feeling with that person or circumstance. It's happening just when and how it should. Feel the nudges to do things differently or transition in unexpected ways, too.

Sometimes the vision can be held high while you observe what your options are - no one has to get harmed or fouled. And, if by default, you honoring yourself causes someone else hurt, they will be okay. Ultimately, they'll pivot too.

We were all meant to. It's how we evolve. It's how we grow. It's how we get from here to there.



Photo by Jeffrey Wegrzyn on Unsplash