[Podcast Ep. 30]: The Journey & Joy of a Personal Brand with Tami Smith & Tamisha Ford

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In every personal brand, there's a deeper truth for its why - a person and life behind what's being built & cultivated.

How do we honor OUR specific journey?

How do we connect with others doing the same?

And how is the paradigm shifting for how we build personal brands?

I’m delighted to introduce one of my favorite people to talk to and glean from on the topic - Tami Smith of The Dawning Point.

Not only do I consider her a friend, but a strategic & inspirational part of my own personal brand over the past several years now. She has helped me see HOW I want to build, how to best build something meaningful & true to me, but also who I speak to, and how to do it authentically.

Tami Smith is the Founder of The Dawning Point, a community dedicated to new beginnings, soul journeys, and reaching for the possible. Visionary, writer, artist, and friend to those seeking the dawn.  

She’s a sunrise lover, mother of 3, writer, Colbert fan and proud cabin dweller, working at the sweet spot between 21st Century Philosophy and Online Marketing, to share inspiring yet counter-intuitive ideas about our purpose and the future of work.

I truly know this episode will uplift you! Go ahead & dive into the content, and I’ll meet you back after the episode with more details….

In this episode, we discussed a community Tami is building. I’m already signed up! I hope you’ll join us there if you’re looking to make your mark, know your contribution matters, and earn an income deserving of the work you put in.

Tami also mentioned this article she wrote: The Graceful Evolution of a Brand

We hope you enjoyed this episode. Tami & I would both love to know what part or parts of this conversation “struck a nerve” or hit home MOST for you? Was there anything we talked about you were nodding to and going, “omg…..yess! Talk about THAT more?”

If so, let us know. Otherwise, we’ll see you in the Dawning Point Community. We can’t wait!


Tami & Tamisha