Jewel Tones & A Seriously Tailored Pant

So, I have a confession. I literally threw this outfit together in 5 minutes. lol...I know you don't believe me, but I did!

Usually, I plan my outfits days in advance of a shoot, but this day I changed my mind on one I had planned at the last minute.

When I got on location and saw all the beautiful walls I had to choose from, I loved this one for this outfit. It reminded me of a bowl of raspberries and blueberries - the beautiful jewel tones are always fun to work with. As we ease into spring here in Dallas, I wanted to also bring in some freshness for Spring, though.

So I paired a simple navy blue button-down with a light tan tailored pant and threw it off just enough with a dark caramel-colored Nine West bag I've literally had forever and LOVE. It compliments this new, AND SERIOUSLY SICK necklace, from Chico's well. You'll definitely be seeing this necklace a lot this Spring in my outfits, so no worries about that. :-)

Esther, my photographer, made a comment about how well & perfectly tailored my slacks were on set. The funny thing I also shared with her is that I don't have my pants tailored. I buy a great majority of my slacks at New York & Company. Their tall slacks fit me perfectly every single time. They hit at the exact right place for most of the heels I wear, and they just fit like a dream. No tailoring here!

Here's your style tips for this outfit:

  • Find a place that sells pants that fit you WELL, so tailoring isn't something you have to do constantly. I understand the value of tailoring, but this is a positive thing to spend time on. It will ultimately save you time & money in the long run.
  • Don't be afraid of colored heels - pay attention to how people pair them with outfits & you'll do fine!
  • I almost NEVER tuck in. LOL.....I hate tucked in shirts. It's just not my thing. I like a drapey look all day every day. You don't have to tuck a button-down in just because it's a button-down. Wear it how you want.

I hope you like this outfit! It's perfect if you work a corporate job & want to be comfy, while looking totally put together, or for a meeting of any kind.

Outfit Details

NAVY BLUE BUTTON-DOWN: Cato Fashions (Similar Here)

TAN SLACKS: New York & Company


EARRINGS: Sam Moon (Similar Here)

NAVY HEELS: ShoeDazzle (Similar Here)

BAG: Nine West

GOLD WRAP RING: Charming Charlie

NAVY-FACED GOLD WATCH: Charming Charlie (Similar)

ECRU/OVAL COCKTAIL RING: Sam Moon (Similar Here)

SUNNIES: Versona (Similar Here)

LIPSTICK: Coloured Raine Vanity Raine

Photography by Esther Hunyh