I've Got the Blues (And the Gold)

My word for 2015 is presence. Presence. What does it truly mean to have presence? If you want to know, make sure you use that link I just gave you to check out my newest offering - the Presence Ezine. I'm going to be teaching you how to be more present, have more presence, and what the heck it means this year. It's only $2.99/month and you can cancel anytime.

For me, presence is a whole lot of things. It manifests different with different people and, especially women. For me personally, I know on an intimate level what people mean when they tell me that. If you want more presence, it actually IS possible to learn.

Some people just have presence, yes absolutely, but you can learn from those who have it as a gift, and you can make other people feel really special when they're in yours. Honestly, all you need to do is learn some tips behind some of the things our culture typically doesn't do anymore and doesn't pay attention to that seem forgotten - that's the purpose of my new Ezine.

I've now had this quilted Jones New York Jacket for 3 years. It's super warm, comfy, washes well, and is extremely well-made. I'm a gal who generally likes her wrists exposed with these types of jackets, so I unzip them a bit & roll them once, so they're mid-arm. Makes it a little less serious and structured.

I actually got this cuff free with a recent order from Victoria's Secret, so I'm not sure you can buy it, but I absolutely love it!

True Story: The guy at the bar where we did the shoot must've seen us working hard because he offered us champagne on the job. Awesome guy! Relieved a bit of stress, and wound up looking awesome in these photos. I broke a Presence rule with him - I should've gotten his name! 

I've never really liked my chin, but I'm learning to go with it & embrace it. It's the Ford chin. I got it. I gotta live with it.

I just love the quilting on this jacket. So chic!

Photos by: Megan Weaver

Outfit Details

Jacket: Jones New York (Similar here and here)

Jeans: White House | Black Market

Rose Shoes: Victoria's Secret

Black Shoes: Calvin Klein

Cuff: Victoria's Secret

Ring: Charming Charlie

Eyebrows: Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder in Medium Brown with a Tarte angled brow brush

Lashes: Say Oh My - "Ice Ice Baby"