Out Here Givin' Good Print (And 2 Style Tips You Need To Know)!

So there's 2 main things I prefer "in print": My magazines and my tops. :-)

And when I saw this top, it screamed my name......LOUD. "Buy me! Wear me! Put me with everything you can think of like skirts, jeans, and crop pants! Buy me!"

I answered the call as always, and this International Concepts top was in my closet. I absolutely LOVE this piece. It's so thin yet high quality, and because of the print, it looks chic and isn't hot. I started wearing this toward the end of the summer, even. I also dig the gold accent zippers on the front!

But now, we're transitioning into Fall, so having this top is going to be my go-to when I need to throw a nice outfit together fast.

I paired it with white pants on purpose, because I absolutely believe you CAN wear white after Labor Day. Not only can - should (you know - if you want).

Here's the thing: you can wear white any day of the year. It's about balance - offsetting white with dark accents in the Fall is actually very popular and works very well. In the spring & summer, you can go brighter with the accents.

Since we are getting ready to transition to Fall, I thought I'd share 2 style tips with you I learned at the Talks for Tea series I attended back in August w/ Dr. Orie Achonwa, because 2 of those tips I'm actually showing you today with this outfit:

  1. The eye naturally draws to the thinner material on your body. So, in this case, the thinner material is the top, which of course deserves the utmost respect and attention. ;-) Make sure when you wear thin materials, it's where you want the attention, because you'll get it. It's just where the human eye goes first.
  2. Statement pieces (like this printed top) actually portray your overall mindset about life and affect your confidence. A lot of women just get up and get dressed every day with no thought, and they wonder why they feel down mid-day or like "blah" in their outfit. It's because you're not dressing consciously. When you get dressed, I want you to ask yourself, "how do I want to feel today?" If the answer is sexy, wear a pair of heels with a pencil skirt or a bodycon dress of some kind with a jacket (or not). If it's confident and curvy, wear something similar to today's look that's thin, fitted, and has gorgeous print or contrast. If it's comfortable, cool, calm & collected, wear what causes you to feel that way. It's all about your own psychology when you get dressed in the morning.

So there you go! Go out and get you some printed tops you like. You can pair them with literally anything solid. :-) Have fun with it!

Thank you for loving my style as always! Outfit details are below for you with some options....


Outfit Details

Black & White Printed Top: International Concepts

Sleeveless option!

White Crop Pants: JCPenney (Worthington)

Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Similar Option 1, Similar Option 2

Gold Rings: Torrid

Teal Ring: Sam Moon (similar here)

Hair: My hair uses a new technique called "Color Gelling" and is done by Von Anthony Salon in Frisco, TX

Photography by Esther Huynh

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