How Freedom Shows Up in These 11 Most Common Forms of Self-Expression - (Part 4)

C O N F I D E N C E,   O B S E R V A N C E,   A N D   I N S I G H T

"She always had that about her; that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world." ~Joanne Harris


Confidence, Observance, & Insight

"She always had that about her; that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world." ~Joanne Harris

This is the last and final part of a 4-part series done over the past 2 months where we've discussed how and where freedom can be found within 11 of these most common forms of self-expression.  (Get Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here). 

The complete list includes:

Fashion & Design


Music & Singing

Art & Abstract

Power & Position

Words & Language

Confidence & Acceptance

Observation & Advice

Insight & Intuition

Motion & Movement

Creativity & Flexibility

Today wraps up the series as we delve into confidence/acceptance, observation/advice, and insight/intuition. You can sign up here to find out YOUR most dominant forms of self-expression.


I love the photo and the quote for today, because it embodies the remaining qualities we have to discuss regarding self-expression (and how freedom shows up in each of them).

Confidence & Acceptance

First & foremost, I have to say - this is not a person who has no insecurities.  Confidence is often mistaken for full security.  I don't believe they're synonymous, but more-so coexistent.

Here's what I mean: It's all in what you choose to lean on...

An introverted woman (or anyone for that matter) who carries this as a dominant form of self-expression still has insecurities. I honestly don't know one single person who doesn't.

The insecurity however, gets the least amount of attention.

The freedom shows up when this person leans on their strengths, their abilities, what they are good at, their skills, their insight, their talent, and they're full acceptance of what they could still learn.  

It's the epitome of the "growth mindset" which we look at more carefully in The Introvert Effect.

Here's a confidence mantra you'd likely love: 

[quote author="The Notebook of Life"]Beautiful in my opinion has nothing to do with looks. It's how you are as a person, and how you make others feel about themselves.[/quote]

Observation & Advice

This expression is so close to insight & intuition, so there's sometimes confusion between them.

I purposely waited to address them together, so I could show those differences succinctly.

Most of the time, the only defining difference in these two forms is the verbalization of the insight and how often.

Scenario: Jill is a deeply intuitive woman - she loves fresh vegetables, has a knack for noticing things others miss, and she's keen on offering the BEST advice in her inner circle. In fact, she often feels drained or light-headed from offering her point of view - she may sometimes feel she gives way more than she gets. However, when Jill is asked to share her advice on what she has observed by friends and family, she is more than happy to do so, and is often later glad she did.

Jill is dominant in observation & advice as a form of expression.  She's more than okay sharing what insight she's gained most of the time.

The key to her feeling the most free would be to actually be able to express to someone what she's "picked up on" or "noticed." Not being able to do so might make her feel restricted or held down.

She probably complements this gift well with either a words/language expression or writing - she's got to somehow be the bomb at delivery when she shares, because people love it.

Insight & Intuition

Meet Corinne.  She's a bit different from Jill - interestingly, she too loves fresh veggies, has a knack for noticing things other might miss, or is known to offer the best advice in her inner circle. However, the key difference between these two expressives is how freedom is felt and where they also feel drained.  Corinne likely feels drained from holding everything in she feels, takes in, and notices - she's less likely to verbalize all the "notices" she has.  And unlike Jill, she searches for opportunities to share a lot less often.

As an intuitive, she knows her gift and freedom is in possibly being the only one in the room who knows.  And, instead of offering "add"vice....she sticks to "in"sight.

She keeps within what she observes, and only shares it after weighing many consequences and scenarios.  Even then, you'd be lucky to drag it out of her.

This is an expression that may all too often feel conflicted - "I hold immense power in the knowing, but wonder if I can trust my own instinct because it's not being validated by anyone or anything else - I'm not allowing it because I don't share."


I'd love your insight this week...

Do you resonate with Corinne or Jill?  

Can you see yourself in the confidence expression, and does it help to know where that small sense of power and confidence is strengthened?

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one.  Thank you SO much for reading & contributing.

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