How Freedom Shows Up in These 11 Most Common Forms of Self-Expression - (Part 2)


Expression Your Way

I love this photo for this post, because it embodies all 3 expressions we're talking about today.

It's something a dominant words & language expressive would be drawn to, it is powerful because it's true (and a power & position expressive would love it), and it is so "artsy" in its presentation.

Last week, I started showing you how freedom can show up in 11 of the most common types of self-expression.  We looked at writing, music & singing, and fashion & design as forms of self-expression.

If you haven't taken that evaluation yet (or don't know much about these expressions), you can subscribe to take it here.  You'll also receive a mini workshop for each expression.  

This week, we continue in the series looking at freedom in 3 more of the most popular expressions seen in the human experience.

Art & Abstract

There are really two segments to freedom with an art & abstract expression.

One form of freedom shows up in the simplicity (yet complexity) of making something from nothing.  Just sitting down at the easel and not having a clue what it's going to look like when you're done feels free.

Everything else in our culture is SO demanding - do this, do that, this is due, this needs to be on time, that wasn't done correctly - that when an artist sits down (or stands) to arise to the task at-hand, there are literally NO rules.

Another form of freedom with this expression is in the definition.  In other words, what one person sees as "art" another person might totally disagree is "art."  Freedom can be felt in the subjectivity of the expression - that you might be the only person in the room that sees someone's dress as art.

If this is a dominant form of expression for you, I'd like you to start enveloping and feeling the freedom in both of these forms. Resting in the individuality of how you uniquely see something, and releasing the need for someone else's approval to see it that way, and being comfortable not having a "blueprint" when you sit down to do your art.

By the way, I define "art" as whatever it is you feel creative doing.  If it's painting, paint.  If it's cooking, then cooking is your art.  If it's knitting, knit.  If it's writing, write.  Art is where your creativity comes out to play.  Let it!

Power & Position

Interestingly, a dominant power & position expressive isn't addicted to position or power (like you'll find out if you take the eval). The freedom in this form of expression is actually found in the measure of influence. So, a person who has this as a dominant expression knows they are powerful beyond measure, but they don't see it as such because of "where they are."  They see it as such because of the influence they have on others.

Influence, not control.  Two different things.  Freedom - real freedom with this expression shows up in the form of influence.  The ability to influence others to have a better life, delve more into their own personalities and experiences, and create richness in the surroundings and energies in order to produce a desired result is what a powerful expressive values and feels free-est in.

Freedom for a true power & position expressive is least found in controlling another human being's experience or response. In fact, that would feel restricting.

Words & Language

Freedom for a dominant words & language expressive is not necessarily found only in the written word. No, you feel words, and you value true communication.  Sign language, learning a foreign language, writing, watching people talk in restaurants in deep conversation, and movie scripts probably make you feel the most free - and you're freedom will be the most felt when you are able to experience these moments - whether alone or with a significant other.

I say a significant other, because it doesn't necessarily need to be a spouse.  Having someone with which to share the moments when you pick up on words & language expressions will enrich and free your expression and experience greatly - it gives you the chance to freely express without being judged and well, you are a dominant words & language expressive - your greatest freedom is found in expressing just this way.

Got anything to add or any thoughts or stories you want to share?  

I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

To your beautiful expressive self,

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