A Modern, Mediterranean, Boho Guest Bedroom Design

About a year ago, I started the process of designing the guest bedroom in my home. I had never had a guest bedroom (and bathroom, for that matter), so not only was I up for the challenge, I was excited!

I love creative endeavors like this and, as it turns out, I have a knack for it. :-)

I should’ve taken one of those “look how awful the room looked before” photos, but the truth is - the room wasn’t that awful before - it just had an orange wall! And I wallpapered that mug so fast, I forgot to take a photo! LOL

Also - true story: For a year, this was all that was in the room. A bed with no mattress. It literally took my girlfriend from New York coming for me to get my butt in gear finishing the rest of this room! And I did it in one month, start to finish.

To not have to send anything back and be successful (which is usually unlikely), I had to do a lot of it locally & measure my ass off to make sure I got the right size of things. :-)

So….in the beginning stages, here’s what it looked like:

In this stage, I knew two things: 1) I wanted this dark navy, linen bed from Novogratz I had been eyeing for months, and 2) I wanted this gorgeous gray/white wallpaper from Magnolia.

What I didn’t know was what size the bed should be for this small room, and any other design decisions yet.

I decided to go w/ a full-size bed, just because of the room’s size - it’s not huge, but not tiny either. I figured that with most of my guests coming alone and being a one-person party, like girlfriends from other states, this would be perfect.

The next design decision I made was to NOT do two nightstands. I thought it was unnecessary - again, because of the “one-person is usually visiting” scenario.

So I made the choice to do a blanket ladder on one side, and a nightstand on the other. This ladder is currently $48 bucks!

Blue & White Tassel Blanket: Tommy Hilfiger

Boho Tassel Blanket: HomeGoods


From there, it was time to purchase and design the nightstand. I waited for it to come in to design it, as they always look a little different in person than you imagine. Trust me when I say - WAIT! LOL

Also, don’t be afraid to also search “end tables”, as they often work well for nightstands, depending on functions you’re searching for! (This is listed as an end table, not a nightstand).

One thing I KNEW I wanted to do was replace the drawer pull on it, as this has become one of my signature & favorite design things to do - I love replacing knobs!

I ordered these from Anthropologie, since it was boho in design AND matched the color palette I ended up settling on - black, white, navy blue, & white. (The black & white ones I ordered are apparently no longer available, but I love the gold & white, too)!


Once I had the nightstand put together, I started designing it from top to bottom. The lamp, clock, vase, and navy marble tray on the bottom are all from the At Home store.

The candle, large vase, & small faux plant are from HomeGoods, and the green stems are from Magnolia.

I couldn’t be happier with how gorgeous & calming this room turned out for my guests! I’ve already had a few of them tell me it feels like they’re in a hotel - THAT’S what you want!!


Last, but not least, there was empty wall space above the bed, next to the bed, in the opposite corner, and across from the bed, that needed to be filled!

I started by accidentally stumbling upon the two paintings above the bed while at AtHome store - I scooped them up, because they were beautiful and had my exact color palette in them!

I already had 2 matching gold frames as well, so I took out what was previously in them and bought two printed posters from 2 different buyers on Etsy: here & here. I love supporting small businesses & artists!


One of these is a scripture from the Bible - the other has the Wi-Fi passwords for my networks, so guests don’t have to ask. This saves any anxiety trying to find the dang thing when guests arrive - it’s always there, ready to go for them. :-)

On the opposite wall, I got a faux plant & stand from HomeGoods I self-matched. I wanted to elevate the plant without elevating it too high, and I wanted it to be boho, but with a hint of modernity. The perfect mix!


On the opposing wall, I put this gorgeous mirror and hung two Mediterranean battery-powered lanterns that can be turned on/off at a guest’s discretion - they’re beautiful at night! I initially wanted to leave space on this wall for a desk as well, which is another reason I made the design decision to NOT do a Queen-sized bed. ;-)

In the corner, I had a bunch of W Magazines I didn’t want to throw out, and 2 pillows I no longer wanted on the bed, so I used all 3 in a new basket from AtHome.

This room will likely end up doubling as my office and have some slight changes made to it, but I adore it.


Guest bedroom designing is all about remaining thoughtful and welcoming, to me. I don’t want my guests to have to ask for the Wi-Fi password, not have anywhere to place their luggage, or have to use my bathroom.

Thus, the next decision I made was the toughest. I looked and looked for an appropriate bench for the foot of the bed for luggage & sitting, yet I couldn’t find one that didn’t clash with the pillows or wallpaper. I was running out of time & growing in frustration.

While mixing prints is gorgeous, you can mess it up if you over-do it. I’m a fan of subtle print-mixing, so none of the benches I was finding were non-overwhelming or non-clashing with the wallpaper.

I ended up placing two, modernized gold stools from AtHome at the end of the bed that are very sturdy and have a white vinyl top on them, FINALLY. Perfect!


Not only do I hope this room inspires you with beautiful design, but I hope it lets you know you can design on a smaller budget, if needed.

Boho Printed Pillows: AtHome

White Sleeping Pillows: HomeGoods

White Pillow Cases: Target

Grey & White Boho Lumbar Pillow: Magnolia Home

White Quilt: HomeGoods

Total, I’d say I probably spent about $3,000 on this room, including the bed, mattress, & everything. I probably could’ve done it even cheaper.