Get Organized! My Master Organization Tips for 4 Problematic, Messy Spaces


One of the things I'm really really good at is organization. And thanks to my all-time favorite home blogger, Kelley Nan, I am getting even better - exquisite actually. I set out in my gorgeous new apartment to make my bathroom space look very similar to hers (but for a gal of 1), and some of what I'm going to share with you I've just learned over time.

So let's look at 4 very problematic, messy spaces that typically are just that - A MESS! And difficult to figure out what the heck to do with them.


The Bathroom Top Drawer


In my last apartment, I had a whopping 2 drawers - one of the reasons I moved recently is it just wasn't working for me. I wanted not only at LEAST 3 drawers, but I wanted double sinks & all the extra space another set of cabinets could offer me under the sink to, of course, ORGANIZE. However, the top drawer is always the one that holds the most random things you use on the daily - or at least it should be - you don't want to store anything in the top drawer that isn't used often - that can go elsewhere. So it's hard to figure out what to do with all the little things you need most.

Enter The Container Store to the rescue - they have clear, durable organizer drawers just for this effort, and they are fantastic!

I recently picked this one up for my top drawer that's placed in the middle of my 2 sinks.

This is just one way to do it - you'll have to figure out what works for you, based on what items you have.

I've labeled all products I use and will connect you to them today, so you can shop those items as well. But the important thing is the way I organized it. I used the acrylic drawer organizer from TCS to put my items that were too tall to stand up (like contact solution and toothpaste), and the ones that could easily get caught up in other things - such as the eyelash curler, grooming scissors, and cuticle cutters.

To the right of the drawer organizer from TCS, you'll see something else I love using - little dip textured bowls from West Elm! That's right - I don't just use these in my kitchen - I use them in the bathroom too. They work well for what I'm using them for - hair bands and bobby pins. I have another one holding my facial sponge & beauty blender.

They fit perfectly on the side of the drawer, and are easier to "scoop" out of than a square box is - like the sectional. I can scoop out rubberbands and bobby pins much easier with round bowls like this.






The Bathroom Closet


Ah, the bathroom closet. I also did not have ANY closet space in my last bathroom. I don't know how I did it, but I made it work.

With this apartment, I got a beautiful tall gorgeous closet for my bathroom that I wanted WELL... organized. Not only that, I didn't want the traditional "everything on the shelf" look like I was accustomed to seeing on these shelves by almost all of us. It's great to have the space, but I challenged myself on "how could I make it look ultra organized, chic and hide all products except for linens at the same time"?

I accomplished this by, of course, using baskets and throwing away a bunch of those unneeded items we tend to hold onto in our bathrooms - extra lotions I NEVER used got chucked. Random things like body oils I don't like also got the dueces! Then, I organized under my sinks well using baskets too, so what was left went into the two baskets you see in the picture here.

Basically, I'm using the baskets to hide extra products or bottles that I rarely use or only need to refill other bottles in my shower.

I used a home decor plate on the top shelf as an added extra (I cut off in the picture, but you can see some of it). The hamper in the bottom of the closet holds extra linens - towels, sheets, pillow cases, and blankets, etc.




Under The Kitchen Sink


Um....queue the JAWS music please!

Dadum.....dadum......dadum, dadum, dadumdadumdaum.

Under the kitchen sink spaces tend to be just plain old ratchet, for lack of a better term. Sprays everywhere, stuff leaking, and bug sprays or spray paint for days.

Sponges all over the place - you name the chaos; it can be found under the kitchen sink.

I set out to organize this space in a very inexpensive way I wanted to share with you - take what you like; leave what you don't.

Once again, I hit up The Container Store for my storage solution. I wanted to be able to bend down and quickly grab everything or anything I need, so I opted for these plastic bins that have handles on them. I bought two to hold everything from kitchen Lysol spray to bug spray to spray paint.

Then, for my dishwasher tabs, I wanted a container I could grab that wouldn't have tabs all over the kitchen landscape if I dropped it or the lid came off, so I bought a Click Clack Pantry Canister that is designed so you have to squeeze the top of the canister together to release the lid. Perfect, so even if it falls over in the cabinet, tabs don't go everywhere. You have to squeeze it to back on too, so you know it locks and is closed.

Voila! Under the kitchen sink organized in a jiffy!




The Closet


I will do a separate video when my closet is finished for you to see it, but for today, I wanted to give you at least one of my main closet organization tips that will make you instantly feel better about yourself and your clothes - new hangers.

Some people like velvet (like me), some people like wooden. But tube hangers and wire hangers need to go immediately if you still have them - I'm not judging you - I'm telling you it's likely why you feel horrible when you go to your closet (if you do).

Even if you don't have a huge walk-in closet, switching out the hangers will make you feel like a new person. Start there and we can progress later. It's unbelievable how much better it will make you feel, so please consider it.

I opted for these gray velvet hangers from Better Homes & Gardens since I love gray - you can pick many colors at Walmart or online. For all of my skirts, I use the same exact hangers, but they have clips on them.  I have a hall closet with all my workout pants & shirts/gear, and I use black velvet for those. Do what works for you and looks nice, but start by aligning all of your hangers to match. I promise it will boost the entire morale of your closet and help you feel better too.



Photo by Ember + Ivory on Unsplash

All other photos are my own