How To: Fall Color Blocking & 4 Style Tips

Fall jackets. Enough said really. They're necessary.

And even in Dallas, where Fall may or may not ever actually FEEL like Fall we always hope it does - that we get those few days we can actually wear boots, leggings, jackets, or the like.

This year, we've already had some chilly mornings here, so of course I had to get a couple new jackets (duh). This one from Torrid stole my heart pretty much immediately. And it comes in other colors.

I'm going to give you some style tips for color blocking in this post, but let's run through the outfit first.

Basically what I've done is taken a summery purple dress (also from Torrid) and paired it with a Fall jacket that's a bright color. Fall colors aren't always neutral. There are no rules. While we tend to navigate to the warmer end of the color spectrum, you can really do what you want. A jacket's a jacket's a jacket. :-)

This jacket is fitted, warm, and makes me feel SO womanly GQ (is that even a thing?)

I've had the purple snakeskin clutch from Sam Moon for almost 6 months and never had anything I thought it would be fierce with. Until this outfit. It was perfect. I'm linking you to two today you'll also love!

My nails are forest green, which is a gorgeous Fall color and was really on accident, but I ended up loving how it looked. It completed the color block look this outfit represents.

You'll notice I took to tan/nude shoes on bottom. The colors are so prominent, I didn't want to completely overwhelm them with another color shoe. So I wore a nude shoe that had intricate details like fringe. It ties up the outfit and brings the eye all the way from my hair down to the shoe. It's like a good paragraph or book that just rounds out exactly right.

Don't tell ME personal style isn't an art. ;-)

Here's some Fall tips for color blocking I want you to keep in mind:

  1. Bright colors are OKAY! Don't think you just have to wear browns, nudes, or dark colors in the fall. You can wear anything that's warm and balanced.
  2. Put solid-colored jackets over solid-colored summer dresses. Bingo baby cakes. Easy peasy summer-to-fall transition rule that works every time.
  3. 2-3 colors is easy. I personally chose to do 3 coordinated colors (pink/purple/green) and 2 main ones (pink & purple). I stopped at 3 colors and ended the color story with a nude shoe, so as to not overwhelm. More than 3 colors can get too busy, but to each his own - your style is your own, but you want to keep the balance.
  4. The colors don't have to match - just compliment. Who would've thought forest green, pink, and purple might look good together? Not me - until I saw these photos. I was worried about the nails, but I ended up loving it.

I hope these have been helpful for you, and you enjoy shopping this outfit. :-) Get outfit details below, and I'll be back soon with more Fall looks!



Outfit Details

Moto Jacket: Torrid Fashion(Currently 50% off!)

Textured Skater Dress: Torrid Fashion (50% Off Sale)

Shoes: Lolashoetique (Sold Out) Similar Here& Here(Reg. $120; Marked down to $47.99)

Clutch: Sam Moon | Similar Here & Here

Rings: Torrid Fashion

Hair: Von Anthony

Earrings: Vintage

Photography by Esther Huynh