Fall 2017 Apartment Tour

Welcome to my first EVER apartment tour!



I thought, "what better time to do this than with all my fresh Fall decor?" So I got busy decorating and connecting you to a LOT of products!

I'm an interior stylist who has a strength in seeing what I like in magazines and replicating it at a price point that works for me. I'm also extremely good at finding the exact same or similar items at a more affordable price for me and my clients. I can take a "use what you have" approach and create magic for your space, be it an apartment, bathroom, closet, or cubicle, even.

For me personally, I like a modern, slightly boho vibe. I like abstract pieces, mixing golds and silvers, pops of color and lots and lots of grey.

So welcome to my place for Falll 2017. Enjoy shopping. Even for a one-bedroom apartment, there's a lot I've got for you to shop and see here.



I'm starting with the kitchen because it's the first thing you see when you walk in my apartment. I love having a big statement piece upon entry that welcomes you and says, "hey girl - you're HOME." This fall arrangement I made does just that! Catch the video I did that teaches you how to make this here.

The sink. It happens to be one of my favorite places in the apartment. :-) I spend a lot of time at my sink because I love cooking and baking, so I wanted a gorgeous spot. This white porcelain made-in-Portugal tray is high quality and can be used a million ways in a kitchen or living space. I opted to fill it with fall filler - this isn't potpourri and doesn't smell. The hand soap is called Sweet Pumpkin - I picked it up at Home Goods.

Tip: Can you guess what's in the white soap dispenser? If you guessed dish detergent, you're right! Buy a soap dispenser you like that matches your space and fill it with dish detergent. This hides ugly dish detergent jars on your counter. Store dish detergent under the sink like I did here instead.

It's no secret I'm a coffee drinker. I hardly ever have coffee mugs out on the counter like this, but I love the look. Both the fall placemat and black "but first coffee" mug are both from World Market.




I live in an open-concept apartment, so when I moved in here, I wanted to ensure I kept it that way. True story, my desk is actually a 3-piece L-shaped desk I got on Amazon. But I took off the middle piece and am using the "sides" side-by-side as one big desk area, so I can have the floor space.

I'm not a dining room gal, and don't host groups at my place often, so this works for my lifestyle. I will be investing in bar stools for more seating as well as chairs in my living room, but this is perfect for now.

You don't need to feel pressured to have a certain setup just because blogger homegirl 'x' has it. That's what works for her and that's great - do what works for you. Home decor, like personal style is just that - personal.


I love having a chic place to work! I dip in and out of time spent here, but when I do work at my desk, I like it to be organized and inspiring.

About a year ago, I discovered fashion illustrator & San Fransisco artist, Anum Tariq. Her talent is beyond exquisite. I'm a HUGE fan of her work, and I had been wanting to start incorporating her work into my apartment space for a while. I finally got my first print, it sat on my desk for like 4 more weeks, and then finally got framed yesterday so I could finish up my office.

There's nothing like deciding you're going to do a Fall apartment tour to get your butt in gear getting things done that you've been putting off! 

You might be asking why I use fabric on the walls - I love doing different things than normal. I got that idea from Pinterest, and it's just me. It clicks. I do not sew or use it for any other purpose. All you have to do is go to a Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Walmart, or any sewing store and pick out all the fabrics you like - ask them to cut you a few squares of each one, then just fold it and push-pin it so it hangs. Voila!

I've also seen people hang fashion pieces on walls on Pinterest, so that inspires me as well. I hung 2 necklaces I bought that I never wear anymore - they're very inspiring pieces in my office for me.

My Mom and her hubby just gave me a shredder for my office, and I have to say I've needed that for a long time. I love having it.

Last, but not least, organization is important. All my organization items are from Hobby Lobby, and in true Virgo fashion, everything in its place and a place for everything!

Enjoy shopping my home office items.






I hate to disappoint, but I don't have much to show for my bedroom right now. It's the last room I've been trying to finish for a while now, and I'm not ready to reveal the whole thing yet. Thus, I'm sharing a new fall arrangement I DID make for my bedroom. I'm going to do a before/after separate post of my bedroom once I get it done, but this is all I did in my room for the Fall tour.



Thank you SO much for stopping by my place! I really appreciate it, and hope you found some items for Fall you love here.

If you have any questions about design, need suggestions or ideas, or want something I didn't connect you to in the post, contact me or leave a comment below. I didn't bring you into my closet or bedroom because they're not up to par for public display right now, but I will soon in a separate post!

Happy happy Fall!!!



PS - Watch me make one of these faux floral arrangements here.